Do you have PCOS?

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  1. waynetta

    waynetta I'm on the losers Rd.

    Hi everyone, I am just wandering if many women have Polysistic Ovary Symdrome (PCOS)?
    I was thinking the other day about all my symptoms as I have it and just got to wandering, how many more overweight girlies had it too.
    I can't control my symptoms whist I'm this big and I have neary all of role on my wls. :cry:
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  3. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    I have PCOS, was diagnosed in my 20s. My symptoms are more under control now thanks to the weight I've lost so far, but not all the symptoms have gone .
  4. waynetta

    waynetta I'm on the losers Rd.

    Hi ali, If you don't mind me asking what do you still have? I have it all, not too bothered about the fertility side of things(don't want anymore kids), but I hate the acne and excessive hair!
  5. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Its the excessive hair for me too, especially on my face :eek::rolleyes:, ( and I can't use hair removing creams either as my skin reacts so them, so I need to shave :()
    My family is complete now, and for the first time since my teens I have a regular 28 day cycle :D
  6. waynetta

    waynetta I'm on the losers Rd.

    Yeap Thats the same for me, once im thinner and feeling better in myself I'm gona look into laser removal, cuz it makes me feel soooo ugly!
  7. carolyn01

    carolyn01 Full Member

    Hi, not sure if my daughter has it. I want to take her for a blood test but she had really bad bruising last blood test and she's terrified now.

    She is 15 and a half, has very irregular cycle, about every three months has a period, bad acne on back not face, excessive sweating underarms but not hairy abnormally. What do you guys think?
  8. waynetta

    waynetta I'm on the losers Rd.

    Hiya Carolyn, if you take you daughter to your GP he may send her for a scan, thats how mine was diagnosed. Good luck.
  9. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    It does sound like she *might* have PCOS Carolyn, but it could also be that as she is still young and her cycle hasn't settled down yet. I think your GP would quite possibly be reluctant to test her just now given that she is still young. I would possibly go to the doctors with her for a chat.
    To be honest though, unless she is insulin resistant, its unlikely that they would do anything for her anyway. Like most things it comes down to a postcode lottery xx
  10. i have it too!!! lol
    yes the excess hair is the worst - i have had intensed pulsed light treatment done (IPL) and its great as i now tie my hair up and its more or less all gone!!!!!!! its approx £100 a session for a full face and neck. you probably need it every 5-6 weeks. Go somewhere were others recommend. I have fine hair everywhere. In terms of the acne - i use dianette. I came off it and the spots were back and there was defo more hair in other areas so i demanded to go back on despite the side effects. I really would recommend the IPL. I had some done on my chin 8 yrs ago and they never came back so i dount they will and had more done recently and i just wish i had done sooner. Get your gp to refer you to the dermatologist for your skin. thats what happened to me and the dermatologist got me sent for a scan that confirmed it. yes losing weight helps with some of thesymptoms, but dianette helps with my acne and does slow down the hair growth. I carry all my weight on my tummy and my back - bra strap area... hate it but thats normal for us pcos suffferers.
    If you have any queries just ask or wanna know more about the ipl i can remommend one in lancashire. I was not happy with the one i went to in my home city as i ended up with a small burn on my bikini line - i did not start with face just to be 100% sure. so soughtout the one in blackburn and never looked back since. my friends also use that one too.
    good luck and go and speak to your gp if youre worried or push with the acne meds and he/ she will get sick of you and refer you to a dermatologist. hope your symptoms are managed...does take a while
    sabina x
  11. oh btw - i have probably needed 7 or 8 treatments on my face for it to be more or less gone. I just have the odd fine hair here and there that only i notice. getting tummy done next. oh yeah and i had underarms done too and have almost no hair underarm no more waxing!!!
  12. waynetta

    waynetta I'm on the losers Rd.

    Thanks Sabina, Yeah I'm gona look into that sort of thing after my wls, but at the moment i'm too over weight for dianette, I was on it years ago when I was slimmer, so I will probably go back on that also after my wls. Take care and thanx again chucks. x
  13. mrs.jk

    mrs.jk will beat the bulge!!

    Hi xx I have pcos, I was diagnosed back in May 08 after suffering a miscarriage, I suffer with headaches and I carry a lot of my weight around my middle which is apparently common in pcos sufferers.
    I am hoping losing weight will decrease my symptoms as they are a nightmare, I am currently on metformin for type 2 diabetes which my doctor also told me help with pcos symptoms, I can't say they have to be honest yet, I only have a period every 48-56 days which is a nightmare but I am hoping once my medication settles down they may improve, I also have trouble conceiving because of the pcos
  14. waynetta

    waynetta I'm on the losers Rd.

    Hiya mrs JK, I was on metformin years ago when I was trying for a baby. I also had a misscarriage and I now have my gorgeous little boy who is 4yrs old now. So stick with it and good luck. x
  15. mrs.jk

    mrs.jk will beat the bulge!!

    Thank you xxx That gives me some hope xxxx I hope it works for me :)
  16. missy_ellie_uk

    missy_ellie_uk Full Member

    I've been starting to think recently that I might be suffering from PCOS. I've always had excessive body and facial hair, and my skin isn't great. My periods were really irregular when I was younger, and I've recently come off the pill as I was worried it might have been masking an underlying problem - and lo and behold my periods are irregular again! I'm glad to hear that weight loss has helped some people's symptoms, I won't even bother thinking about going to a doctor until I've lost some weight as I know they'll just tell me to lose weight in the first place!
  17. mrs.jk

    mrs.jk will beat the bulge!!

    Very true the first thing my doctor said to me after I was diagnosed is I have to get my bmi down as that is the only way of getting rid of the symptoms on a long term basis, it may be worth you taking a trip to the doctors to find out if you do have pcos, your doctor will advise weight loss as a way of alleviating the problem but atleast you will know then thats what it is and can act on the problem xxx
  18. oh - forgot to say there are herbal things that can help with the symptoms but not if your on the pill as they counteract each other. look it up on the net but off the top of my head - saw palmetto - stabilisies testosterone levels so shud reduce hair, then theres agnus cactus and milk thistle. just have a nosy on internet and do your research but those 3 are used by pcos sufferers who just do herbal remedies. also there was an advert at top of minimins page to something for pcos sufferers - insulight or something - anyway wayyy too expensive but ingredients in their products contained the above 3 so it does add up. But there was a big push on exercise which is right in relation to balancing the hormones that make us crave carbohydrates and sugars - the exercise will fill those cravings by releasing similar hormones. There is a website for sufferers called verity too that may be worth nosying at.
    my gp has not suggested metformin but many say it aids with the weight loss but on the other hand it doesnt help others so think i'll leave that one alone for now.
    Not sure if this helps anyone but my periods were 3 monthly till i was 19/20 and then started dianette which meant monthly periods. came off dianette for 6 months when i was 27 as going thru the divorce and was not that fussed. anyway my cycle did return but it was a 40 day cycle and to be honest i was very pleased with that as at least there was some sort of cycle even if it was slow. anyway i felt a little "fur" on the base of my spine and my acne returned so i asked to be put back on dianette despite the migraines it gives me once a month. and although i have that fine downy hair all over, i am not as worried about it as it is fine. but despite having pcos the IPL has reduced and in many places (especially face) removed all the hair for good. PLease stay strong as you are not alone with the hair issues. I was a face and neck waxer - yes ouch and as long as u can put up with shaving while you have the IPL you have to remember its only for a few months. Big hugs to everyone
    sabina x
  19. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Thanks for the info on herbal remedies Sabina, going to look into that :)
  20. rachel~m

    rachel~m Member

    i to have severe pcos since i was 13yrs old.
    the worst part for me is the infertility. we been trying 9years.
    im also overweight and going to be starting the cambridge diet end of this month.
    im on 2000mg of metformin and tried 7 cycles of clomid to no avail.
    im hoping losing the weight will help my symptoms and trigger back my cycles.
  21. Alyssa

    Alyssa Full Member

    I only have 1 ovary (the other one never developed properly) and I have PCOS.

    I suffer from the horrific facial hair which I get threaded (my beautician is a saint!) to make me look less Chewbacca like.

    I only have about 3 periods a year and even when I do have them they only last for 3 days. I was hopeful that weight loss might make me more regular but so far there has been no change.

    A x

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