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Do you have to drink shakes straight away?


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Because I have to get the train to work, I leave my house at 7am and Im getting really hungry by mid morning, I was thinking about mixing the shakes with more water and splitting it in half, drinking half before I go to work and then take the rest in a bottle to drink when I get to work.

Would it go mank if I left it 2 hours after mixing it to drink?
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How about if you waited till you got to work then mixed it up and had it?


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We dont have a kitchen and I wouldnt want to do it in the middle of the office from the water cooler as everyone would be asking what Im doing, what im drinking and why blah blah
How about keeping half in the packet and mixing it with bottled water (in the bottle) when ready to drink?

i think you have to drink it within 15 mins, know how you feel having to start telling them about it all would rather keep it to youself,


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I'll just have to deal with the hunger I guess, I might make it up with more water in the morning so Im drinking more and see if that makes any difference
the leaflet says you have to drink it in 15 mins. I have one of those protein shake bottles and it mixes it up brilliantly. you can just carry the water in them then when you're ready add the powder and give it a shake. It's all I've used since I've started and I've never had an even slightly lumpy shake and it only takes a minute xx
I have to admit I was worried about telling people at work but really? It was a 5 minute wonder, I got a few questions, a few 'that cant be healthy' comments and that was it. Now they all just accept Im doing it and I tell you something its a hell of a lot easier now I dont have peolpe coming up offering me things and asking if I want rolls etc.

Seriously I wouldnt worry too much about what people think, its more important you have your shakes when it suits you :)


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I work on a financial sales floor... with 25 blokes, they would take the mick big time. I dont really want to be mixing it up in the loo's which is what I would end up doing. I was going to put it in a smoothie bottle so they didnt ask but anything else isnt worth the hassle I would get.
Could you have a bar at work and then your shake in the evening? Much easier to eat a bar without people realising what you're doing.


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Yeah I have the bar for lunch but at the moment Im having my shake at 6:30am... so by 10 im struggling, but I'll get used to it :)
Do you have marigold boullion? You could have a cup of that, might take the edge off it for you?
I don't have any packs until about 6 pm when I have a soup and then I have a bar and shake at about 8.30 usually - sometimes though I do have a cup of marigold at lunchtime.
Yes I never wanted people to know so I got a shaker cup from boots or you can get them online that way you can mix it virtually unseen. I just fill up at the water cooler take it so my desk slip the powder in and turn it upside down a few times and it is ok i always add more water though cos I don't like it thick. Bars are very handy for work -Ive had mine in meetings and all sorts and no-one has realised as it looks like a nice flapjack.


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Thanks all.

I mixed the shake with 400 water today but its TOTM... and Im seriously considering ripping one of the guys arms off to eat at the moment... Im going to have a shake in the morning with extra water before I leave for work and then have half a bar at 11ish and then the other half at 1ish, hopefully that will make it easier but today nothing is working... I always turn into a total beast at TOTM.. I dont get moody but I get so damn hungry!

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