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Do you like coconut? New healthy extra milk!!!


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As advertised in this month's Sw magazine, KARA Dairy Free Milk original with calcium has been added to the Healthy Extra A list. A generous 400ml allowance for a HEX A.
I tried this last year, really liked it as the soya milk i had been using was no good for coffee (it curdles) and this doesn't.
This has a coconut taste, and is delicious on cereal, in hot drinks or alone.
I really miss not being able to eat coconut and this really hits the spot!
I bought mine today from Holland & Barrett (£1.59) and I beleive some of the larger TESCO stores stock it.
It is more expensive than milk, but it is worth it.
Just thought I would let you all know.
Kara Dairy Free Coconut Milk
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That's interesting - I wonder whether you could use it as a coconut milk substitute in cooking.

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Thank you!

There is a recipe on that site for carrot and orange soup made with the coconutty milk. Sure it could be adapted to syn free. Oooh yummy.


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Ooh I LOVE this milk! So happy to hear it's a healthy extra...although I won't be able to afford it often.


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Will definitely give that a try in the thai curry that I make instead of reduced fat coconut milk - its probably not much more expensive than that anyway.

Wonder if you could make a coconut flavoured rice pudding??


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Just got hold of some of this, it's mad! It's really creamy, tastes almost like full fat milk, I wondered for a minute if I'd got the wrong version and there was another lower fat version so looked it up, but no, this is the one. How come you can get 400ml of this and only 350ml of skimmed, bizarre! Its lovely! Im not a cereal person but if I was this would be delish! I've got a thai curry Im planning on making tomorrow, so Ill put some of this in it :)


Oooo i might have to buy this. I love Coconut xxxxx


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I cant wait to try this, am going to make a thai green curry with this instead of reduced fat coconut milk.


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Spotted this in the magazine i'm made up to hear it's so nice! Can't wait to get my hands on some to use in thai cooking and on cereal etc.

Thanks for posting! X


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Well, I saw this post today, made a diversion on the way home from work to Holland & Barrett and got some..... also, they're doing a buy 1 get 1 1/2 price on everything in store...
Made a Thai curry, using most of the 400ml and just thai spice, you need to boil the milk a fair bit to reduce it a little, and I stirred in some quark to thikcen it slightly, will use greek zero next time.... if you like thin sauces which coats the rice lovely, you'll enjoy this, it has enough coconut, although mild to make it taste right.

Thanks again Tia


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Wow, that sounds great! I can't believe how low calorie it is! Yummmmm, I love coconut! Definitely praying my local H&B stocks this. Thanks!


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So, has anyone made a rice pud with this yummy milk yet ?

I cant wait to try a coconut rice pudding (for free!) :)


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I cannot get hold of this for love nor money ,it's turning into a mission now! X


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I bet they underestimated how much stock they would need once us SW-ers discovered it :)


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I have tried Tesco,Morrisons, Sainsburys it was the same trying to find Quinoa x


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ooo Im going to add one of these to my shopping because i currently use ricemilk but i only get 250 of it so cereal is always with water (which is okay now ive switched to porrage but before it was mingaling)