Do you need Drs signature for Exante?

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    EDIT: I posted this in the VCLD forum before I spotted this one! Sorry!

    Hello you lovely people,
    Back in the mists of time (well, it seems that way :p) I lost 5 stone on CD (with the support of minimins) and was a very happy bunny. Then I fell off the wagon big time and never managed to clamber back on it!!

    Tried SW, it was great for 6 weeks and then the weight just stopped coming off. That and the fact that thinking about food all the time was exhausting, I jumped off that wagon pretty quickly. So, several years later, and carrying those 5 stone plus a couple extra that came along for the ride, I'm back looking at VLCD again.

    Every diet I try is just so food-centric when really, I need to be taken away from food and given chance to get over it! I loved the freedom that I had with CD - not worrying about what I'm going to eat at all.
    So, I went to meet a lovely lady - my local CDC - and learned about what's changed with the diet and what new flavours there are and I got really excited about starting the diet. Unfortunately however, my BMI is 42.9 and my Dr won't sign the form because they "don't believe in silly diets" and also because my blood tests show signs of inflammation. Even though they concede that the inflammation is "most likely" due to the arthritis in my knees that is caused by my weight they still won't sign the form. I'm fuming. I have 9 stone to loose to reach a BMI of 25 and conventional diets just don't work for me.

    There's an advert on this site for Exante and as far as I can see, they don't need a Drs form signed. But is it any good? How many people are trying it? How does it compare to CD? What does it taste like?

    Sorry this has become a bit of an Epic post/rant!! I would really appreciate it if some exante users could tell me a bit more about the diet - and not just the spiel from the website - what is it actually like to follow??

    Thanks xxxxx :eek:
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    Hi Joolz!!

    In answer to your question ... No. You don't have to get a doctor's signature.

    There is info regarding medical conditions where a VLCD is not recommended but that's about it. Doctors can be SO short sighted when it comes to food TFR diets - some of us need that discipline! And some doctors recommend them so there's NO consistency from the medical profession.

    I'd say go for it - I'm ex CD now on Exante and prefer it. The shakes taste milder and are less sweet (which I prefer), the soups are delicious (especially Thai Chicken) the bars are yummy (like giant rice krispie cakes) and there's no chemical after taste with any of them like CD. Weight loss expectations are the same.
    I've been on it for almost a week and am loving it!

    Good luck!
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    There's an advert on this site for Exante and as far as I can see, they don't need a Drs form signed. But is it any good? How many people are trying it? How does it compare to CD? What does it taste like?

    There are just as many people on Exante as any other VLCD - actually the Exante boards are busier than most VLCD ones :)

    Theres a sticky thread just at the top of the page about how it compares.... bottom line is, its fab...
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    I have just had my 2nd week weigh in and have lost 1st. ??

    The soups are delicious!! And the bars are lovely too , shakes are a little bland for me in finding myself getting used to them.
    I had no headaches or hunger in first few days ( which most people may get)
    I would say go for it !
    Good luck xx
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    Hi I'm ex cd too was on cd for a good while m shifted 8 stone to cut a ling story short I've gained 2 back n I'm on exante to get rid of em again

    I'm only on day 2 the taste is completely different though at the mo I only have shakes. But they don't taste bad just different n about half the price.

    I've followed all the vlcd boards n they both seem equally successful my brother done exante for a bit too n had great results

    So no signature required and you can expect the same rate of loss

    Good luck hun let us know if you start
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