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Do you tell friends/family?

my friends know but my family doesn't and i'm not telling them. i tested the water on my mum saying my friend was doing it and she said its not good to lose that much that quick so i would get hell i told her i was doing it.


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Do you tell friends and family about the diet? Are they supportive?

Noone but my OH knows yet but i think i'll have to tell them at some point
Well... Looking at your stats (if they're up to date), you're not going to be on Sole Source very long anyway (if indeed, you are on Sole Source). A week or two, if that? So you might well be able to get away with not telling anyone else! :D
I told my OH and had to tell his family as I usually eat with them and there was no other reasonable excuse I could give except the truth...they were pretty skeptical at first but seeing the results, are now really supportive. My family know, but only a couple of friends do. In fact my housemates never even noticed that I didn't eat for over 2 months and never noticed I lost weight either! So I thought 'until you notice, I'm not saying anything!!' xx


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Only my OH and daughter know, I'm not telling anyone else, just have soups at work, people think they are cup a soups and I don't correct them


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All my family and friends know.
I tell if someone ask me, and people at work did ask so they all know about it!
The more people know about it, the more support I get, so it's good x


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All my family,my OH,and 1 friend knows(who are all so supportive) but i dont tell anybody else.If they comment on my weight and ask how i do it i say its through willpower,determination and cutting out all the crap i had ate before(which is not a lie really).some people can be so rude/ignorant towards this diet and i dont feel like i owe anybody an explanation as to how i lose any of my excess weight.:)
Well I tell people if they ask - I decided that in order for the support I need I need to be honest with people...and so far EVERYONE is being brilliant.

Everyone at work, everyone in the family and all my friends.

They have been so bloomin fabulous! It's really touched me! x
My family know and my OH's family do too (his mum, sister and aunt did quite well on celebrity slim which is also a shake diet). My mum was sceptical at first but is now supportive. She asked yesterday about what if I start eating and gain it all again but I explained about going up the steps to her. My sister said it was a waste of money..

People at work know and my manager is also doing CD. No one has said anything negative yet (to my face at least) but if they do I'll tell them to mind their own business :)

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