Do you tell people you are doing a vlcd


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I can honestly say this is my biggest worry, Im not looking forward to telling people and trying to justify my decision. Im going to wait a few days till Im in the swing of it and then probably just tell a few people that I have to, but Im fairly certain their response will be a negative one :(
Hubbie obviously knows and is for the most part supportive.
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I waited til I got into it and knew Id manage to stick to it. To be honest after the initial interest it was a 5 minute wonder and noone bats an eyelid. As far as work goes I found it much easier to have people know, means folk dont offer me sweets/cakes etc


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This was one of my main worries too, I had to let the guy I work with know as we have cuppas every half an hour practically and he'd obviously raise an eyebrow at the camomile tea.

But as Starlight said, it's a five minute wonder and the knockers begin to be impressed as you lose the weight.


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I told people if and when they asked, and kept the explanation very short and factual.

As others have said, interest in what you are eating soon wanes! :D

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Last time (and the times before) that I did exante I told everyone that I was doing it and my immediate family was supportive but other family members were not. And if I fell off the wagon and people saw me eating when I was supposed to be on my diet I felt like even more of a failure coz they would roll their eyes at me and stuff :(

So this time I am not telling anyone.


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I think it is a difficult one, I am just starting on Exante, but have done other VLCD's in the past.

When I told people I got a lot of questions, and I would find myself constantly having to justify my decision, and having people who didnt agree with what I was doing, but then it gets easier as people understand what you are doing and see the obvious results.

At least if you admit it, you can explain why you dont want that piece of cake at work or a takeaway etc.

Hope it goes well for you :)


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I told people at work that I had an evening was easier for me to do that and no unsolicited advice was given! Friends were different as I refused all social invitations apart from walks, shopping or cinema which was a bit boring but hey ho, has to be done!! I did not tell my mother, I would get the full lecture so just avoided visiting at meal times!


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I didn't tell anyone (other than oh and a close friend), but after about 4wks and a stone and a half gone people started to notice I'd lost weight, I felt justified to be honest that I was doing a vlcd cos they could see it was working


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Its good to know people lose interest quickly. I'll tell the few people I have to, I think it will give me more motivation too.


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Even after losing 7 stone if people ask me what I did I just say WW. It's the negative comments and the lectures so I really cannot be asked to tell everyone. If I come back to Exante I'll still say WW unless I feel that I won't get a lecture. Those that judge me I just tell them, had I not lost the weight my knee would have still been troubling me. X

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I told my mum, IDK why, but she was supportive. I told my dad because I have dinner with him once a week and he was a bit concerned. OH didnt care. I was more worried about people at work and tried to hide it but when you stood with a weight loss shaker and a silver pouch, people start to notice. Everyone has been so unjudgemental though.


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I found that everytime I got a headache or was ill... like everyone else... who gets ill from time to time... people would say "its that diet ur on... starving yourself... making you ill" and go on and on about it.. this is family, friends and people at work... actually people at work more... then it would turn into an office debate around me... so this time Im not telling anyone... esp at work... Im going to have the bars for lunch as everytime Im making the shakes... someone comes into the kitchen and goes "ohhh whats that?" just cant be bothered with having to justify what Im doing all the time and having people make me feel bad for doing the diet.


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I haven't told friends at work that I'm on a VLCD. I just said I'm cutting out carbs and being good. Which I am :)


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i have been on atkins untill switching - so people know i am dieting. i used to take their shakes to work so will hopefully be no different except i am only taking my cucumber sticks not the full pot of chicken or tuna that i used to take. not telling a soul except my fiancee and will continue to say i am on atkins


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I told more or less everyone - just because our office is a very tight-knit environment, and I wouldn't have been able to hide it.
I also needed to explain to my friends that I wouldn't be drinking or joining in with any meals for a few months.
To be honest, I was expecting a bit of a backlash from people, but everyone has been brilliant about it. I think the trick is to understand the diet and how it works, so when people ask questions you've got all the answers.
I found that people were inquisitive rather than critical, and to be honest I did get LOADS of questions, which meant that I found myself repeating myself over and over to different groups of people. I didn't mind that because it helped people understand what I'm doing and why I can't have "just one treat" or "just a couple of drinks".
Once I explained that I would be getting all my RDAs, and told them all about ketosis, and the expected weight losses etc, everyone reacted really positively. It was a case of "rather you than me, but good luck to you".

I guess I'm lucky really, because I know that a lot of people get loads of flack when they tell the people around them.
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I did Cambridge diet and got a few comments but once the weight started falling off most people were more interested in how to do it themselves!

This time around on Exante when people ask if they see me mixing a shake I just say "oh its a bit like slimfast", which seems to be much more acceptable to those who like to make comments on VLCD's even when they haven't a clue what they are talking about!


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Ive just been telling people its a meal replacement diet a bit like slim fast! my close family know but they are really good as my sisters both did lighter life last year.