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Do you treat yourself? (non food)


Just follow the plan
Just wondering if you treat yourself for losing weight? My problem is I look after everyone else (DH & kids) but not myself so I thought maybe I should treat myself or do something just for me as a reward for losing weight.

I'll have to buy new clothes as I go down through the sizes anyway but I was thinking of other things like a new hairstyle, handbag etc. What d'ya think?
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The ultimate treat will be to actually look at myself naked in the shower and say 'you are finally back to being sexy!' Along the way I am just trying to stop rewarding myself with food... it always turns out bad. Saying that I now have things in my wardrobe that I would have never dreamed of having 3 months ago. Does anyone else struggle with constantly wanting to eat 'bad' food? alcohol will never be a problem - but the rewarding myself with food is.
(sorry you said rewarding yourself not with food.. i mentioned it a few times)
i too have gained more tattoo as ive lost weight, i also treat myself with a bikini wax last week. im just a gluten for punishment hehe
A week and a half ago I treated myself to a detox aqua session at the beauticians, with my feet in water, dragging out all the impurities and toxins from my body, and to aid my slimming by balancing the ions in my body...

very soothing but don't think it has impacted my weightloss in the slightest lol just lost £24 not lb's (it was a treat from my mum!!)


Just follow the plan
Never heard of that before Dee, sounds great. I fancy a facial and an Indian head massage but cant afford it at the mo. Wouldnt know where to get it done mine you, had it done at a hotel spa the last time.


Is so very nearly there!
Hell Yeah!

Im always getting myself a liccle summat - with the money I save on not going to classes (£20odd a mth) I get my hair done, new lippy, shoes, tops errrrrrr pretty much what I want lolol.. thats bad innit


Just follow the plan
Thats not bad hun, I just hate being this size so cant be bothered with clothes and make up yet when I'm slim or slimmer I'm always buying stuff.

Think I will treat myself every stone I lose, and a mini treat on the half a stone. I'm starting a job soon running the after school club so will be busier and earning more too.
My husband gave me an actual stone for losing a stone!! How lovely is that?? Is was a nice polished one not one out of the garden!


Just follow the plan
Aww thats sweet Linda. I'd be wanting a rock though lol
Flip, Do you not have a local college nearby, my friend is studying to be a beautician, and they perform treatments at really reasonable prices, facials and indian head massages etc, I always wanted an indian head massage but I'm afraid I might nod off whilst having it done and wake up to be told I was snoring, and a dribble from my mouth...


Just follow the plan
Yeah we do have a college, I might try it although I do like the nice surroundings, lighting and music as well.
It's the non food treats that have kept me going some days!

With me it's piercings and shoes. I'm already thinking about my next rewards -

I think I shall reward myself again soon - probably when I get down to 13 stone 9 (then I would have lost 4 1/2 stone in total) - another 11 1/2 lb to go!
I very frequently treat myself, similar to Claire, make up, nails, clothes, hair etc etc etc xxx
why indeed hun! We deserve it ey?!? x


Is so very nearly there!
yes we do!! altho at the min i dont feel like im on a diet etc as such - which is grand!x
I know, that is a good feeling. Although at the minute Im feeling deprived, but thats cos Im craving take aways all the time! raaaaaaaagghh x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
I know, that is a good feeling. Although at the minute Im feeling deprived, but thats cos Im craving take aways all the time! raaaaaaaagghh x
you and me both! it's the post holiday trauma. we just need to get our bodies used to eating healthy food again...takes a few weeks to settle in.

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