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Do you 'treat' yourself?


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Hi all

I've been thinking the past few days that now I've hit 4 stone loss that at the beginning I said I'd 'treat' myself when I got to a big loss, and I'm guessing out of the 7 1/2 (ish) I want to lose overall 4 is a good point for a 'treat'.

Now, I was just wondering what everyone else does/has for their treats. Usually it wouldn't be a lot, as we're mostly skint, and CD costs enough as it is, with a 16 month old baby, and I'm doing a Uni course (from home) so money is tight, but last year my fiance' bought me a Pamper day for 2 for my Birthday, so I have decided to book this, and me and my mum will be going next Saturday for the day. We're having a neck/back/shoulder massage and a facial, plus access to all the equipment/sauna/jacuzzi etc. This will mark a really big step for me, and I'm still quite nervous about going and being around 'skinny' gym and beauty people, but feel I do deserve it now.

But I'm also thinking, perhaps I should mark each of the next stone marks with a (much) smaller 'treat' but don't know what, which is what has made me want to ask the question to everyone else. I think we all deserve these treats, totally non food related of course, to break the chain, but a little treat every stone I think would be a good thing (just wish I had of thought of this 4 stone earlier!)

Anyway, I hope you are all having a great 100% day! and look forward to reading your responses.

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i have just posted a thread about this in the main forum! spooky! i bought a mulberry bayswater and am not going to use it yet though, going to wait till goal as it's a major incentive! its a great idea to treat yourself, a pamper day sounds amazing. maybe for the smaller one, you could buy a charm bracelet and buy a charm for every half stone or milestone you hit?

i have a pandora bracelet and i am slowly adding to it with every stone.


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I feel extremely rewarded just by being able to wear clothes I havent been able to wear for years, so I dont really need to reward myself, but I do think that once I reach goal I'll treat myself a bit ^^
Ive also in a way pulled some strings to give myself a reward aswell as a deadline by inviting my "man of interest" to come visit me 3,4 months from now ^^; Its pressure aswell as something to look forward to and doesnt cost a thing !^^
I have bought myself a necklace for one stone, a plant for another half stone, getting hair dyed and cut this week when hopefully I will be down another stone.
I had some of the Sex & the City DVD's and I buy myself the next series up for each stone. Only problem is I never get a chance to watch them!!
I treat myself to face masks, bubblebath, jewellery...


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ooo face/hair masks could be an option, or a really nice yummy smelling bath...don't really get nice long baths often with a 16 month old lol xx


can see the end in sight!
i put on a lovely clay mask the other day i found in a drawer. gorgeous! i never really pamper. might have a long bath tonight!
My treat to myself today will be to not go home and down a bottle of vodka after a particularly c*rappy day at work.
Instead I'm going to leave work now, go home and have a bath and then watch the Apprentice :)


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I would like to get a tattoo for each stone from here on in. I have my last one all planned out for an area that I would never expose at this weight but cant wait to show off at goal. Hopefully a permanent incentive to keep it off this time...


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I think a new hairdo or new shoes - both can be enjoyed whatever size you are, and both are real boosts!! (Just make sure you like what the hairdresser's doing - I see so many women just putting up with something they don't like instead of stopping the scissor-happy snippers before they get carried away, silly mares! :rolleyes: :D)


can see the end in sight!
I think a new hairdo or new shoes - both can be enjoyed whatever size you are, and both are real boosts!! (Just make sure you like what the hairdresser's doing - I see so many women just putting up with something they don't like instead of stopping the scissor-happy snippers before they get carried away, silly mares! :rolleyes: :D)
i see this too! i think it is an english thing, you are all far too polite! i once made a junior hairdesser cry, and i only told her to not cut it too short. not my finest moment!


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For me, it will just be being able to wear old clothes again (and new ones!), and being able to go up the steps.

I'm going to treat myself at (what will HOPEFULLY be) the halfway point, as it coincides with my birthday. Apart from that though, I haven't got the money :(


Slimming down the aisle
I don't really know what I want to do. Im thinking this. I'm a person that really finds it easy to lose motivation and so using something as a reward might help. But I just don't know what, at all. I like the idea of a charm bracelet. I need something that's not going to cost too much though. I'm a student, £50 a week on CD meals is bad enough! I haven't really seen a charm bracelet I like though. Anyone got any suggestions? Of any kind!


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i have a tatoo on my back (of tinkerbell, im a big disney fan;)) the design includes 5 stars, 1 for each stone i ve lost - when i get back to where i was, ill have it finished!)
scojos, thats a cool idea xx


can see the end in sight!
Caroline, I have a pandora bracelet, the chain costs about £50 and they have a gorgeous selection of beads at about £20 each, going up to a eye watering £300 each! But you should check them out, you might find a good deal. Try giftandwrap.co.uk to see if you fancy it!


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I dont really treat myself at all, but reading this post i think i should start, i have promised myself a little shoppping spree for my birthday end of august, when i should be at goal, skinny clothes for a skinny me (I hope)


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OH bought me loads of goodies from Lush yesterday for getting a stone off :)


Slimming down the aisle
Hmmm the Pandora bracelet would be a huge extravagence for me the poor student that I am. But they're so gorgeous, and it would be a thing I'd keep forever and add to. So maybe! Ohh I don't know. I need a new car so I probably shouldn't but I really really want to!

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