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Do you trust your leaders scales?!

I ask this question because my new leaders scales are inaccurate (or at least they were this week) and I wonder if anyone else finds this with their meeting??

My home scales I trust completely - I am a serial weigher and I am literally on the scales EVERY day :eek: My home scales are always right - they always go up when I expect them to and down when i've been good - they always 'make sense' and so I trust them completely.

Last week at my meeting, my leaders scales were 4.5lb heavier than mine - which is about right (always has been about that) but this week there were only 3lb out. Now I know that doesn't sound much, but a 1.5lb difference gave me a 3lb loss at my meeting rather than my actual 1.5lb loss!! That's fine this week, but what about next week, if I lose another 1.5lb but the scales are back up to a 4.5lb difference....it'll look like I haven't lost anything!!!

I'm not very happy about it as I was under the impression that WW would be really really strict with their scales....

Just a moan really, haha, just wondered if anyone had found this??
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See what happens next week, sometimes I find that my leaders scales are showing a greater loss than my scales, but they seem right the next week (if that makes sense, ie if mine say a 1lb loss then there's will). My old meeting had very inaccurate scales and one set of scales would be 1lb heavier than the other set right next to them. But generally I know my leaders scales now are accurate. See what happens next week. if your scales show 1lb loss and then you get to meeting and the leaders show the same then you know they were right this week, if not then have a word with the leader and ask when they were last calibrated.


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I only get weighed on my leaders scales and don't weigh at home at all. I don't actually own a set of scales. Never really have. I think if I did I would be the same as you and that would result in me not trusting Debbie (my leader) at all. I think if you just go off one or the other it won't bother you so much. It could be that WW is trying to fix the scale difference problem cos there was a massive 148lb total loss at our group this week. So maybe everyone lost at least 1.5lb and its WW way of sorting out the scales? Well done on your loss this week btw Woop Woop x


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i'd trust you're own scales and i dont trust the digital ones.the manual ones can be calibrated much more accurately.