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Do you try to plan your meals in advance?


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One of my problems this past week has been that the time had come for lunch/tea but I hadn't thought ahead about what I was going to have, then I would start picking and that would continue to a nasty pre-SW binge :( SO I just wondered what others do - it's probably best to try and plan ahead I think?
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I do try to plan the next day ahead - any further than that and I would just get mixed up. My breakfast is the same, weetabix everyday apart from weekends, I then plan what salad I'm taking to work and prepare it the night before and put some thought into what to have for tea. I personally think you're more likely to stick to something if you have it planned.


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I think planning ahead is the real key. Like you if I don't know what I'm having for lunch or dinner I just have something quick and easy but not necessarily on the plan.
Here's what i try to do - and when I do it and stick to it it works:

My partner and I sit down and plan what we're doing that week, are we in or out and what nights will we be in. We then agree what we're having each night we're in. Then I go shopping and get just the ingredients I need for the 'Menu' that week. I think it also saves money because I don't impulse buy as much as I used to.
Sometimes it's hard to think of what to have but that's why we sit and have a chat about it.
All the ladies in my class say that planning is key.

Good luck.

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Planning is deffo the key, woman in my class has lost 4 stone +, since January, every week when she gets back from WI she sits for an hour with her books and plans a weeks menu! I knew this woman before she started SW and I am not kidding you she looks amazing, I smile every time I see her, she will be 30 soon, and her motivation in January when she started was "I will not be fat at 30"

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
P.s The same woman lives entirely on free food, so she can go out on the weekend and enjoy her vodka's and diet cola, that is what she uses her syns on :)


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I always take the same thing into work every day so I don't have to think about it! I don't always make plans but I do try to keep plenty in stock to have some variety
I'm pretty much always on a green day (and short of time) so I make sure I have packs on pasta n' sauce / noodles in my desk drawer for lunches etc.
I also have tins of veggie chilli and chickpea dahl if I'm late home from work.
I really need to plan more though, I tend to eat the same things all the time... x
I plan for the Tuesday on the Monday etc. So when we have had dinner I ask my bf if he wants a red or green day tomorrow (I don't care either way and he is only doing this to support me so don't think he cares either.) Then depending on his answer depends on what I plan and get out of the freezer bits if I need to. If not I write a list and as he works right next to Tesco he pops in on his lunch and gets what we need.

If I really can't decide I have Fruit and Yogurt for breakfast, Egg salad for lunch and then the day is neither red or green and I can go to the supermarket after work. That rarely works however.

I do make sure that we have staples in the cupboard for either red or green days. I also make spag bol and make double and freeze it so if we decide we want a red day tomorrow all I will need to do is get it out of the freezer and weigh the pasta and cook it.

Plan, plan, plan I say.
I usually plan a week's worth of menus or at least 2-3 days in advance. Otherwise I feel completely lost and get panicked! It stems from when I used to have a personal trainer and he used to always make me plan for the next day so that I wouldn't get to lunch and think 'hm....what am I going to have?'. I think it really does help to keep me on the straight and narrow!
Yes - Porridge is classed as 1 healthy extra B choice. I always have a sachet of Oat so simple, that = 1B. x


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I don't plan my meals ahead but I keep my cupboards and freezer very well stocked with free stuff. My family won't eat sw stuff so I have to do at least 2 menus. I like being able to eat what I fancy that day, which you can't do if it's all planned. I usually have green days so it's quick to whip up things like a stir fry with noodles, or quorn balls and pasta, or jacket potato wedges with veggie sausages etc.
i dont plan ahead but when we do our weekly shop everything is within the plan so there is always something there to be had
Ah thanks guys, sounds as though the majority plan ahead at least a day in advance! Definitely going to do the same. Thanks all xx
I can't plan ahead, i am a fussy eater and if i don't fancy something i can't eat it.

Maybe it would be easier to plan ahead when losing weight but too much structure to my life bores me. :p
i have just created a file on my desktop with a few weekly menu plans i started just making daily R/G day plans then put them into weekly files then i can just choose a week at random print it off Bingo !! i have to be organized or i wont be determined :D


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Sounds good, I try to plan a day in advance with the stuff I've got in my cupboards and fridge.
im quite lucky i live right near tesco so i go shopping every 3 days to make sure i have everything for the next 3 days so im not buying lots of food in ..and i hate fruit & veg going off


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Our tesco is in the town centre next to the bus station which is very handy for me because I don't drive. The downside is going shopping a few times a week and spending around £20 each time or doing one big weekly shop and struggling to get my shopping home on the bus! Dilema!

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