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Do you wear......

I never wear the same thing which makes me think mayb when I have big lose or STS might be because wat im wearing or thats my excuses!!x

It always confuses me when people get weighed with big belts / cardis / jumpers etc. One girl got weighed with these huge moon boots on and when someone said she should take them off, she was really reluctant (turned out she had odd socks!) but she did eventually and weighed 3lbs lighter!
I always wear jeans & a light top. If I'm not wearing jeans that day I will go & quickly change into them for the same reason, more consistant WI.

My C told me this week that average jeans weigh in at 2-4 lbs though which shocked me!
Always the same since I started 6 months ago - my class must think I don't have any other clothes lol - although glad to report that the trousers are now getting too big for me, so in the next few weeks will need to get some new ones! xxx
i never used to wear the same clothes but 1 week I decided to switch from jeans to leggings and then never wanted to switch back in case it looked like a gain! So now i have my weigh-in clothes (the lightest clothes possible)!
Yes, I try and wear the same! I've even been known to put on my work clothes (what I usually weigh in) when I've had the day off just so that I'm weighing in the same clothes!
I always wear leggings and and a t-shirt/thin top all the time! Not always the exact same ones though! x


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I always wear something light. I can't wear what I used to as the trousers fall off now, but I make sure I always wear about the same weight each week.
Allie, I'm exactly the same. My OH gets his head bitten off if he moves the scales from their tile lol. Weighing at home is great, none of that wearing the right clothes stuff to think of, just wear nothing lol xx

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