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Do you weight yourself daily?


Im just me!
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i always weigh my self dailey,my scales are the same as cc,when i weight in the morning always lighter but by the evening i am the same as that anyway,when i go to my cc i go in the evening anway


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I try (but fail) not to weigh myself every day.. because fluctuations can be depressing!! but as I always see my CDC in the evening I do weigh myself in the morning of that day, and use that as my proper weight, as by the time I get to her I've drunk 2.5l of water and had 3 shakes!!!
I weigh myself most days and not just once a day - before I get dressed, after I'm dressed, before and after a wee, it can become addictive. :D:D:D
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CDC's always tell you not to weigh yourself at home but I find it helps to motivate me and keep me focused and my CDC is very understanding of this.
I always weigh myself in my pj's (after a pee) first thing in the morning. I wouldn't recommend doing it in the evening because you're bound to have put on a few pounds from the packs and all the water.


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Confession Yes I do every day sometimes 2 or 3 times. Know I should't but it seems to be an obsession of mine at the moment. Just willing that digital reading to be lower than yesterday. LOL must try to wean myself off yet another addiction!!!!


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Wow.. interesting.. I can see how weighing yourself can become addictive, that's why I'm hesitating, I don't know wether to buy some scales or not!! then again, like you say kelly it's motivating!!.. but it might work the opporsite too!!


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I weigh and check ketosis daily, first thing in the morning.
I agree it's motivational, if I sts then I make more effort to drink more water and if the scales are going down then I'm really pleased and have a happy mood. If the scales go up then it is usually expected due to a cheat so make a conscious decision to keep to the diet and get back to ketosis.
Yes I weigh myself daily and this thread made me laugh out loud as I also weigh myself 1st thing after a wee in the nud, then once dressed before work then sometimes if i feel i'mup to seeing the results on a nighttime but not too keen on this one as obviosuly you've had all your water and packs, ha its funny we're all pretty much the same, but I do feel its a motivation for me, even if iI lose half a pound like this morning its set me up for the day I even danced back to bed cuase its still coming off.


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Weighing yourself 'everyday' is fine AS LONG as your heart is not 'ruled' by the scales.
What I mean is simply this - IF you are following the plan and the scales stick, which they do and you can still remain calm and focussed then great go for it...
IF you feel that it may lead you to use it as an excuse to blip then I would say stay away from the scales....

My scales get 'stuck' regularly - doesnt bother me at all but I remember using it as an excuse on previous attempts at VLCD's... I think it really does depend on the individual xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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I do own my own scales but they are round at my mums & thats where i want them to stay.
I would weigh myself everyday & i would end up getting depressed if i didn't see myself losing weight. In the first week i think its fine it helps motivate you but not after that.
I got weighed on tuesday & won't be getting weighed for another 4 weeks & thats just how i like it.
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I weigh myself every morning, I use it as motivation either to make sure I stick to the diet, or to remind myself how well I am doing (depending on what they say!).Although if you don't own any scales at the moment, I would recommend keeping it that way. You have lived without them up til this point, why change and by ruled by them now?!!Theresa x
In the first week, couple of weeks it's a fab motivator- if you're sticking to the diet 100% then the pounds drop off, sometimes even through the day. My scales got stuck in the fourth week however, so I made a conscious effort to stop. I found myself dying for the next time I could jump on the scales, and I thought if I put as much effort into working at losing weight as I did longing to get on the scales I'd be far more sucessful! Now I weigh myself on a Wednesday, just to keep tabs on my progress, and then again on Friday at my weigh in. I also only every update my ticker after my weigh in, as that way I don't get all the water-weight and other fluctuations showing, which I find quite disheartening

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