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Doctor note

I had to get a form signed because I'm diabetic. I was so worried because I thought I'd come up against a brick wall (it's true to say some doctors are anti VLCDs) but I was stunned when he was all for it ... in fact one of the other doctors in the practice (who had recently undergone a sex change op and lost the weight to look more feminine) had used CD to achieve that goal.

I suppose it depends on your doctor but if you go in with conviction and armed with info so you can fight your corner if need be, then you stand a much better chance of getting that signature.
No just the opposite .Lossing weight will help bring your blood pressure down .Have you got the doc notes that explain things ready for them .Also if you lose weight then you will not need as much treatment and so cost nhs less .my docs was more than happy as I also sugested a gastric bypass on the nhs while i was there .lol


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I had no trouble getting the doctor's signature, after all, as I reminded her, it wasn't her permission I needed, it was for her to say she was aware that I was doing it. I had to get it cos of my bmi being so high


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I think most doctors are pleased you're actually doing something about it. If your doc does refuse to sign just ask to see another doctor!
it wasn't her permission I needed, it was for her to say she was aware that I was doing it. I
Very true Caress and an excellent point!


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Most folks don't have a problem - my GP was no problem at all - I had barely got the words out of my mouth when he waved his hands for me to pass the forms and he signed it.

You also have to have the surgery stamp on each of the three copies.

Hope all goes well for you x



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When I did LL my doc signed the form no problem.... Unfortunately due to my own stupidity I find myself with a BMI of 40+ again and doing CD.... the doctor did sign it - after I'd left the paperwork/info for her to read.... however they charged me £25 for the pleasure.....!!!
how d'ya get on wi Doc?

I just saw your post - how did u get on? I had high BP and had probs with getting signature because of doc not agreeing with vlcds. But an independent GP (look on the web or yellow pages for private GP clinics) agree to sign and to monitor BP, which subsequently came down drastically!!!!
Good luck!

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