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  1. LaChica

    LaChica Member

    The form for my sister. I went ahead and started the diet myself.

    The CDC did say something about if after reading the booklet she supplied the doctor, she could contact head office CD.

    She's hinted she's going to ring the CDC from her friends house and give a different name. Oh mamma mia.
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  3. dani*r

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    did gp say why they wouldnt sign ? im just worried that if it is because of a medical condition that your sister might be putting her health at risk.
    if its not, and gp is just bieng an ar** then she is entitled to see a different gp.
    good luck with it all.
  4. spooky

    spooky Banned

    If your sister has a medical condition that requires a GP signature she has options.
    Go to a different GP in her practice
    Ask the CDC to call the GP.
    It is not a good idea to not disclose medical conditions by going under a different name. If your sister is on medications then she needs medical supervision in case dosage has to be adjusted.
  5. LaChica

    LaChica Member

    Blame claim society

    Spoke with her earlier and with her permission...She has a B12 defiency, and has an injection once every 6 weeks and is on modifinil ( provigil)

    Receptionist rang saying she'd spoke with her doctor and said no he wouldn't sign it and stated the surgery does not endorse LCD.

    Could it be the blame claim society we live in? and doctors and afraid of putting their signature to it.
  6. cambridge*diet*08

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    tell her to go to a diff GP/ surgery... i am sure others gp's more open to LCD's and some immediately shun them.

    wish her luck x
  7. saraian24

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    Defintely try someone else! its worth persisting and tell her to go to a different gp instead, its not permission anyway its a formality to let the doctors know shes doing a lcd
  8. LaChica

    LaChica Member

    Exactly what I thought Saraian. She put a note of the back of the booklet stating she'd diligently and thoroughly researched the diet and would appreciate his approval.
  9. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    It's so bloody annoying because if you go to the doc about anything at all, they manage to relate it to your weight, yet when you want to do something about the weight, they refuse to help - crazy!
  10. MR2_Owner

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    Mine wouldnt sign mine either, I had to do it as my BMI was over 40! I started on the 1200 plan instead and now I am 27lbs lighter over 2 months.
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