Doctors Booked for 23/01/12


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Hi All,

I have booked my doctors appointment for 23/01/12 and I have already had my taster session, so hoping the doctor will sign my form.

I think she will as she has been very supportive of my weight and recently referred me to Slimming World on referral for 12 weeks and when that didnt work she precribed me with Xenical Orisltat, so I think she will be happy with me attempting a weight loss plan on my own and for which I will be paying for myself.

My BMI is 39 and apart from having had an eating disorder in the past, I have no illness. Apart from my weight I am healthy.

So nervous though!

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I know they can be a little bit funny about people who had eating disorders in the past. You need to be well and truly over it - I think. But having said that they do look after you well and keep an eye on you to ensure you don't start falling into dangerous habits.

I took Xenical for about three weeks before I recognised that I don't eat fatty foods anyway! I just continued to fill up on low fat foods which are just as high in cals. Useless really.

For some of us a drastic solution is the only solution. A very low cal diet seems drastic to other people, but when you have tried everything it is great to have no other option but to follow the diet 100%

Good luck with the doctor. I hope they support you. if not, there are other options available to you.


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S: 20st3lb C: 19st8lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 0st9lb(3.18%)
I had Bulimia a few years ago and I havent vomitted or used laxatives for a number of years now, and now I over-eat / binge (which I suppose is still some kind of eating disorder)

If the doctor refuses to sign the form for me, what other options do I have?


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Hi Davey,
I had an eating disorder when i was younger too, i was in hosptial for it and such, but my doctor had no problem signing my form, he just said i had to make sure i was monitoring it, and if i started having any previous thoughts i'd have to talk to him again. If your doctor won't sign it, the i know superdrug sign them for people, i think it costs £40, but in the grand scheme of things it's probably worth it=) good luck hunxxxx