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Dodgy tummy


Over half way to target
Maybe it's just your body's way of adjusting to a new way of eating and, if you stick with it, it will settle down on its own. Or is there anything that you've started to eat a lot of that you didn't eat before? For eg wholemeal bread (rather than white) lots of fruit, veg, yoghurts etc? Maybe have a look back at your food diary to spot the changes and match it with the times you've had (ahem) "trouble".

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Maybe your system is just "adjusting" as suggested above - if it doesn't settle though, maybe a visit to your doctor might be a good idea?
Well as I've said in another post I have changed diets so many times over the last 6 months. I've done Cambridge, Atkins, Slim Fast ... I have noticed that if I have a lot of curried butternut squash soup, lots of fruit and then change to a red day with meats etc, that's when I end up with a bad tum.


Over half way to target
Blimey - that's a lot of different diets! No wonder stomach is playing up! Keep an eye on your food diary and your loo habits and look for a pattern then maybe eliminate the suspect foods and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, if it carries on then you probably should go to your GP.
I'd agree with the above. Any big change to your eating habits, and it seems you've had a few, has to be a shock to the system and the body hits back in a different way for everybody. Some might become constipated and others the opposite but if it doesn't settle down it would be worth mentioning to your GP.
It seems to coinside, too, with the nights that I have a couple of glasses of wine. Too many veggies, drinking and not eating. Take yesterday for example. I spent all day at work feeling the need to 'go' but couldn't as I was at work. By time I got home the need had passed. I had some SW chips with some wine, only two glasses but this morning I woke up with a horrendous headache which didn't go after even two lots of paracetamol. I decided to do a red day and by 12pm I felt bloated and then ended up with upset tum. I had 4 Alpen bars yesterday so I wonder if I over did the High Fiber content lol.

Soz if all of this is too much info!
You maybe have a food intolerance so I would deffo keep food diary and write everything in it then write down at bottom how you felt that day see if pattern forms.
Curry. I had curried rice on thursday and then yesterday I was bubbling all day. The other time I had the curried butternut squash and then another time I had curried cabbage soup.

can't even eat my dinner tonight :-(
I'm no expert but maybe try having a week of reasonably plain, bland food to let it settle down a bit then reintroduce the 'suspect' foods one at a time and see what has the desired or should I say indesired effect!

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