dodgy weight watchers bathrom scales??

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by wychweaver, 18 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    Morning all

    I bought some of these super duper scales only 2 days ago. The ones that calculate your body fat/water/BMI plus weight. It can be set up or 4 people.

    Anyway, I set it up and was happy with it until this morning. I jumped on and thought wow... brilliant.. I've lost 7lb since yesterday :p... so thought I'd just give it a min and get on again.. result .. shot up by 6lb. Hmmm I thought.. I'll do it again.. back to a 7lb loss. By this time I'm freezing stood there in my birthday suit... one more go.. now on a 4lb loss. Exasperated... I get the old scales out.. 2lb loss!

    My new scales are dodgy eh?... trip to argo to take them back this morning then :wave_cry:

    Anyone else got dodgy scales?

    Have great day, hope it's not as drizzly and gloomy where you are

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  3. jen3

    jen3 Silver Member

    I've got them - and mine fluctuates too (though not as much as yours)

    If you lean back on them you can make the weight lower too lol. I often come in after a night out, jump on the scales (drunk) and lean back so far that I fall off them (dont know why I feel the need to weigh myself at that time of night - think a little obsession?!!!)
  4. chic81

    chic81 Full Member

    I've got some dodgy ww ones too, over weigh me loads compared to drs ones and slimming work ones.
    What does anyone recommend? X
  5. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    Maybe because after a good night out you won't care what they say?? ha ha.. Bless.

    I took them back, I can't be doing with faffing about. My old ones have never let me down and I only got the new ones.. well just because!!

  6. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    Chic.. My scales.. the ones I have now cost me a tenner from argos about 5 years ago. They weigh you in stones, pounds and ounces. sometimes that 1 ounce matters lol.

    I don't really need any that calculate my BMI or the like.. besides.. I don't want to know right now ha ha

  7. Nomes

    Nomes Gold Member

    My wii fit is exactly the same as my ww scales- but ww scales show any fluid retention to the ounce!
  8. bugsbunny2000

    bugsbunny2000 Proud to be a LOSER :)

    I think I have the same ones.... they're usually okay for me... but my other half stood on them the other week and it did the same... kept shooting up and down by like half a stone every time he stepped on it. So i tried and was my normal known weight each time. Perhaps he was just standing on them funny.I bought them as they were ''weightwatchers'' so thought they'd be really good... but actually i could have just bought any scales. Wish I had one to the ounce.... think that would help me keep motivated!

    I'm a pain for constantly weighing myself daily though... need to stop that! xx
  9. Missa!!!

    Missa!!! Silver Member

    I have some ww scales and they're absolutely rubbish. I bought salters acurracy goal tracker scales from argos in December for about £18 and they're really good. They track your progress each week. Tk maxx are selling them for £16.99. Ww scales are so not worth buying.

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  10. wychweaver

    wychweaver Member

    I'm glad it wasn't just me then !

    I do need to replace the ones I have but will probably buy something very similar and for a lot less cost.

    I'm doing quite well at only weighting myself weekly.. well ok then every five days :) Sometimes I think to see that number less than it was when you last stood on the scales really helps.

    Only 5 more days till weight in :) :) xx

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