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Does anybody weigh theirselves every day?

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Yeah, I do.
The most important thing to remember, so u don't get obsessed, is that weight fluctuates, and there's a reason we're only meant to weigh ourselves once a week.... X
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Yea I do too :s but I find that doing it halfway through the week usually gives me an idea of how I'm doing :) which I find motivating
S: 10st13lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 23.7 Loss: 1st1lb(9.8%)
flyingponymonster said:
Yes I get obsessed!!! Just don't focus too much on day to day changes and follow the general downward trend. X xxxx

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Yep, defo agree.... I always weigh myself before meetings as well... Lol... Not much point considering I'm goin to get weighed 'properly'... X
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i did for about a yr but dont bother anymore,,was quite happy when scales were down but god if it was up then it just made me feel bad about myself so i just dont bother anymore:)


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I used to all the time but it was pointless and drove me crazy. Your water levels anf weight change in your body constantly. Your better of doing it once a week I do it once weekly same day same time and first thing in the morning before I've eaten or drunk anything and definitely after I've gone for a wee. X
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I weigh myself every morning, same spot completely nakid!! Lol

What I find this helps me to understand is;
Whilst some say once a week is best I gain an understanding that actually I can be spot on with my diet however sometimes our bodies hold water and digest slower thus resulting in Sts or not losing as much as we like.....

What we have to remember also is say Monday is WI day.... Now we know this but our body doesn't know this and so we could step on them scales and not lost a bean ---- this can lead to disheartening feeling which can sometimes lead to a binge or emotional eating.... Howeer you could step on scales just 1 day later an see 2 lbs gone..... What I'm getting at is our bodies don't know our WI days and I think just keeping a general eye or how we are doing daily can help us to 1 stay on track and 2 learn allot about the way in which our bodies function.....

All I know is me myself weighing each day is a great motivator for me and it also helps me to learn what exactly i do which can cause gains loses and STS results

Xxx sorry ramble there lol
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Totally agree with u Laura, I knew I was right in doin it lol I do it naked too I don't kno why because at wi u gotta wear clothes lol xx
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I don't do it every day but I do keep an eye on my weight during the week... I call them sneaky weigh ins. Sometimes it'll show a loss and that'll give me positive feelings and motivate me. Other times they are not so kind but the point is to not get too obsessed by it because we all know weight fluctuates. As Laura said above, sometimes if I weigh AFTER weigh day (same scales as I weigh in at home) I'll have lost more weight again.

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I used to do this and then when I moved I chucked the scales out. I just notice if my clothes are getting baggier on me and there are some times I feel like I have lost nothing, but then I have lost a pound or two.

I suppose it just another way of control, but I have to say, I have been alot happier since I binned them.

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