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Does anyone work nightshifts?


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Im due to go back to work after maternity leave - boooooo
not too bad though cos im only going to be doing 2 shifts a week but they will be nightshifts.

wondered if anyone else did nightshifts and how you fit the plan round it and what you take to snack on? when do you have your main meals? before, i would sleep until 3pm then have breakfast, dinner before work then a lunch in the middle of the night and tons of snacks!
im worried ill raid the choccy machine, there is also always tons of crisps biscuits and sweets people bring in the break up the boredom.
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not on nightshifts but id say 1/2 of my excess weight is due to choccy machines and snacking at work.. my advice is take mugshots, or if you have a microwave tin of beans and a spud etc.. then loads of muller llights and fruit , and if u cant take that kinda thing use your HEx on alpen lights or hifi bars.. im lucky im at home now because i know how bad the pull to the choccy machine is.. good luck back at work!
nic x
Yes i work 2 nights a week, I really struggle to stick to plan when i'm on nights. Don't seem to have any will power at 3am. I plan my day from midnight to midnight, usually take a pasta/chicken salad, hi-fi bar, shape yogurt and quavers. Trouble is when i get home at 8am, i crave toast and usually end up having a slice. When i get up at 2pm i have yogurt and fruit then a healthy meal at 5pm. Take loads of fruit to work with you and lay off the buiscuits (easier said than done i know)
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I work nights every 6 weeks, but i try to have breakfast when i wake up and take a filling main meal (usually pasta) with me to eat for my break normally about 1am then have fruit or yoghurt if i need it. When i get home I have a light tea about 8.00am (protein based) before going to bed so i dont wake up starving!! Its more difficult as its hard enough working nights but it works better for me eating at regular intervals.
i work 2x2x2 so i do 2 nights every 6....hard going....but at least with this you can eat free food....i domy day from midnight to midnight...at least you can keep some track...seafood sticks and cooked chicken drumsticks is what i munched on the other night plus carrots dipped in a dip thing i made out of quark tom puree and chilli powder...was quite nice really not quite taramasalta but heh ho!!!!!


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I'm on nights at the moment and for me i find it easier coz i'm so knackered and less likely to eat!:D

I have a hearty brekkie (bacon and eggs or omelette) when i get up around - 3-4pm, main meal about 8pm and then bring a packed lunch (sarnie, fruit and a treat which i eat about 3am. Keeps me going!!

In between times i snack on fruit!