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does CD really eat away your muscle?

I love CD and am staying on it no matter what as it the only plan I have managed to stick with and not cheat. But today I read a post on some website that said that CD and all diets that put you in ketosis burn your muscles as well as your fat. Is this true?
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Trim T

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It is true to a certain extent. Your body doesn't differentiate between fat and muscle very well. However you will by far burn more fat than muscle.

It's not something i allow myself to be concerned with. But if you are then try some light weight lifting to train your muscles... maybe that will help. I use dumbells to do some arm exercises as i'd like a much more toned arm and there are no signs of muscle wastage there.

Hope this puts your mind at ease xx


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I've never seen (or heard) as much rubbish spouted about a diet as I have about CD - some people are only too happy to prevent others from losing weight successfully. (I've lost count of the number of people who've told me I'll put all the weight back on when I've finished! What, with a pile of - I hope - size 12s hanging in the wardrobe? I think not! :mad:) Ignore it all - a diet that has been going for 25 years probably speaks for itself, doesn't it?

I'm sure your counsellor would be able to allay any fears you had about the diet, anyway - my lady is a mine of information! :D


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On every diet you will lose fat and a little muscle. The more fat you need to lose, the higher the proportion of fat goes.

As you get closer to goal, there is more chance that you lose a higher % of muscle vs fat...hence one of the great reasons to stop SSing at BMI25.

BTW, whatever weight loss diet you lose will cause a loss of lean mass, but ketogenic diets have a slight edge with more fat loss vs lean compared to traditional low fat diets :)
:eek::eek::eek: OMG...am i doing real harm to be SS+ing for a few days? Feeling a bit panicky now...:cry:


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
:eek::eek::eek: OMG...am i doing real harm to be SS+ing for a few days? Feeling a bit panicky now...:cry:
SS or SS+ still = CD!! :D (You've got a 24lb. weight loss so far - I shouldn't worry, a few days of SS+ aren't going to stop that!)


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I think she meant any diet burns muscle so CD does too. Nothing weird about it though and as long as you don't SS till BMI 20 you will be fine. :)



Gone fishing
Also remember that you will need to lose some muscle. We make a fair bit when we put the weight on, and when smaller you don't need the muscle in quite the same places.

As far as muscle depletion goes, this diet is one of the safer ones :)

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