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Does drinking water speed up weight loss?


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I would say yes. The liver metabolises fat, and if the kidneys are water deprived, the liver has to 'pick up the slack' therefore lowering it's productivity rate, and metabolising less fat. I'm lucky I love water and I find the best way to get my intake is to have bottled water handy. I prefer tap water so I fill the bottles from the tap but only a few times apparently the plastic is degradable and will break down after awhile.
Saying that there is a finite amount of water you should drink you don't have to keep glugging it down! You're wee should be straw coloured and then you know you're getting enough. You'll pee like an aberdeen angus at first lol but you're body will get used to it.

That really made me laugh Wendy - 'pee like an Aberdeen Angus'!!!! Thats exactly what its like!!!!!! I believe you should drink 6-8 average glasses of liquid (not booze!) per day to maximise health! xxxx :eatdrink017:


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The myth that we have to drink 8 glasses a day stems from a study that was published in 1974. It is true that they recommend a subtantial water intake each day, however, this may come from water, caffeinated drinks and even food such as fruit and veg.

"How much water each day? This is usually well regulated by various physiological mechanisms, but for the average adult, somewhere around 6 to 8 glasses per 24 hours and this can be in the form of coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, beer, etc. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of water." From the original study ("Drink at least eight glasses of water a day." Really? Is there scientific evidence for "8 x 8"? -- Valtin 283 (5): 993 -- AJP - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology)

Veg like cucumber is mostly water, so it will replenish your water stored. Also, how much you need to take in depends on how much goes out (e.g. sweat), so more when it is hot or you are doing physical work.

So go by the advice of just making sure your urine is pale in colour and if you get thirsty, you have left it too late and need to up your intake.

What water or other fluids is good for, diet wise, is making you feel a little fuller for longer, so may help reduce your food intake a little. ;)


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I fill up a 1.5 litre bottle every morning with cold water, and add sugar-free cordial. Then I make sure I get through it every day. It's difficult at first especially if (like me) you tend not to drink enough water in general, but you soon get used to it. So does your bladder, eventually :)
I don't know about the science, but from my own (and anecdotal) experience it does seem to help.


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You should be drinking at least 2 litres of water daily.

I drink a 2 litre bottle of water plus all my other drinks every day, it's good for your skin and helps prevent constipation too.
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water just had lots of health benefits as everyone else has said! Whether your trying to loose weight or not, water is ALWAYS good! and as long as your not downling litres at a time, it will only do you good! xxx