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Does eating late make you gain weight? The verdict is in!


I ate my willpower!
Heard this on the news today so those of you who are wondering if eating late makes you gain weight - here is your answer!

Putting on pounds in the festive period almost seems inevitable but to avoid unwanted weight gain it has been suggested that people avoid eating late at night.

The idea is that you cannot burn off the calories if you are asleep.

But this is not supported by the evidence.
A Swedish study found that obese women were more likely to eat at night, but they also ate more in general.

In another study of more than 2,500 patients, eating at night was not associated with weight gain but eating more than three meals a day was.
Ultimately, taking in more calories makes you gain weight whenever you eat them, the researchers said.

So if you want your bowl of pasta at 10pm, then dive straight in!
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I ate my willpower!
Yea - me too! I know some people worry about eating late. I always thought it was a load of old tosh.
Was in the metro today hun. xx Has shut me grandad up though cs he always says eating late makes you fat x ha grandad you know nuffink!


I ate my willpower!
Most men generally do know nothing (Sorry to any chaps reading this but it's a womans perogative to slate the unfairer sex) :p:D
Well I think I know a little bit but will accept the compliment :)
I have always said that it doesnt matter what time you eat, but no one would listen!!!
Who says that you have to eat early?? Is it a law, is it written somewhere???
The same with sleep...who says we have to sleep at night?? It could work if you slept in the day and worked at night! (Don't get me started, I have lots of crazy thoughts running through my head!)


Over half way to target
I think the thing about eating late, if you're about to go to bed is that, on the one hand you're asking your body to start all sorts of processes off to digest what you ate, but on the other hand you're trying to shut your body down to go to sleep so it probably gets confused, or can't digest effectively or gives you a rotten night's sleep or something.