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Does giving up diet fizzy drinks improve weight loss?

Its all depending how much you are drinking when you say a lot?
I used to be addicted to diet coke and would drink in excess of 3 litres a day with nothing else, so yes, that is unhealthy and did stop me from loosing weight. It also made me restless and irritable around totm.
I now drink at least 4 pints of water a day and have no more than 2 cans of pop, I dont suffer with cramps or headaches anymore and I feel that the weightloss is better.
Yes, it wouldnt be free if you couldnt drink unlimited amounts as Joeyanne says, but another saying is...everything in moderation!


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Yes but indirectly.

Since cutting out diet pepsi I've noticed 2 things:

1 - I am less bloated
2 - I drink miles more water and herbal teas...which are great to help with weight loss

So, if you replace them with water for instance you may indeed see a change. I loathed water but I got myself onto it, and now I choose it over pop more often than not. Also, NAS vimto is great if you wanted some flavour...or even a squeeze of lemon juice.

HTH xxx
Sticky..I love NAS Vimto, but add it to sparkling water so its like the pop! Lol


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I used to drink Pepsi max all the time but once I had weaned myself off it I found that I did not crave sweet things as much as I had before, I can't say that it made any difference to my weight loss though but now if I have any I get palpitations & if I dare drink it after 6pm I can guarantee I won't get to sleep until about 3 in the morning, strange because when I did drink loads it didn't seem to bother me. Now I have a couple of coffees in he morning & one when I get home at night & the rest of the time I drink water


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I didn't drink diet coke for 1st 2 weeks but have had 3 500ml bottles this week and still managed to lose 2lbs, I think it wont do any harm unless you're drinking it by the gallon!


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Sticky..I love NAS Vimto, but add it to sparkling water so its like the pop! Lol
Ooooo may try that. I tend to not ever have it in the house (sparkling water) because it tastes minging...but mixed with NAS cordial might be doable.

Ta! x


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Yes xxx

Vimto Vimto Cordial, No Added Sugar, all varieties, diluted as directed 100ml

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Yes xxx

Vimto Vimto Cordial, No Added Sugar, all varieties, diluted as directed 100ml

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Oooooooooh! :D I love Vimto!!! Yay! x
I did see a thing on tv about fizzy drinks the other day that said although, other than obvious things like bloating etc, they dont cause weight gains, diet drink that use sweetener instead of sugar cause a reaction in the body that makes you crave the sugar replacement and makes you eat rubbish food. Whether thats true or not I dont know, I also saw something about fizzy drinks doing nasty things to your liver....once again, dont know how true it all is lol.


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Yes the diet fizzy drinks can cause you to eat more. I used to drink loads of DC then I gave it up. I switched to sparkling flavoured water and not only does it taste much nicer it's cheaper and healthier. I feel much better than when I used to drink loads of diet coke and now when I drink it I find I'm actually not that fond of it!
Just wanted to add my twopennorth and say that I have been told by a health professional that if you suffer from depression Diet Coke is a very bad thing to drink as it messes with the neural pathways (or something) that is any brand of diet coke (including the cheapie supermarket own brand and Pepsi)!


I always used to drink plenty of DC and fanta zero, but since xmas I have cut down down to hardly any, however I did have some fanta zero last weekend and I started to crave junk, maybe a coincidence i'm not sure, but since I stopped drinking it again the cravings have gone :D:D

I am now trying to drink 2 litres of water a day to see if I feel any better for it :D

Not sure if it has any impact on weightloss, probably not, but I do feel better for cutting back
I love diet coke - it's my vice. But I don't drink litres and litres. I have one or two cans a day. I know it's not good for me; the caffeine and sweeteners, but I also drink green tea, fruit teas and water, and NAS cordial, so I'm getting plenty of other fluids.
Having said that I've recently switched to caffeine free DC and plan to wean myself off it, so that I only have one can occasionally instead of daily. Just in a bid to be healthier.

I'd heard about it giving you a sugar craving afterwards too, and have found that to be true. Also true about the bloating.

Man, you can't beat an ice cold can as a hangover cure though!

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