Does it cost so much all the way through?

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  1. kikidee

    kikidee New Member

    I think this diet sounds fab, and got in contact with my local Counsellor, who quoted me the price per item (eg shake, soup or bar) and said you pick 21 a week.. it comes out at just under £40 a week.

    To be honest I can't afford that, I could probably stretch to £30 but I still have to cook proper food for hubby and the kids!

    Does it get cheaper???
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  3. Ruthlet

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    I believe the price will remain the same for the 21 shakes I am afraid. Once you start going up the maintenance plans eg 1000cal/1200cal and you start cutting down on the number of shakes the price will drop but you may find you end up spending what you would have done on the extra shakes on food instead :(.
  4. jojogo

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    My week of 21 shakes comes to £33, tecra and bars are more expensive than shakes, though my cdc allows you to have a maximum of 10 tectra and bars before she charges us any more.

    I find that £33 is my part of the weekly shopping list, and i dont need any more food
  5. clairejen

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    It is quite expensive, I found it was costing about £10 a week more than my normal food bill. And when I started to come off I thought it was more expensive because you are having packs and food for a while. I think your CDC quoted a bit on the high side, I would say more like the £33 Jojogo mentioned. Maybe check with another CDC, not everyone charges exactly the same.
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    i found it wasnt too bad cost wise, having 4 a day for both me and hubby was costing me quite a bit, bout £85 a week and still having to buy for kids, packed lunches and a main meal at night, but i wouldve probably spent that anyway before this diet on extra food, all the junk we ate and eating out etc
    went shopping today for all my fruit and veg as we both started 1000 plan and it cost me a bomb but all in all its been worth the money
  7. positivity

    positivity Member

    hiyah!! my cdc charges 33 pounds for 21 products reguardless of weather its a shake soup tetra or bar,i noticed a lot of members cdc charge a variety of prices one price for any thats what i say!!!,best if luck definatley worth it lost 3 stone 3 lbs since march 7lbs from goal yipee!!!. xxx jan
  8. bubbles

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    i dont think its as expensive as it sounds before I started it i added up everything i ate/drank and the cost and it was more! saying that i did eat a lot!!
  9. LISE

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    cambridge diet
    Don't know about you, but I'd give the kids thier tea, do baths, bed, etc. by the time hubby got home and we sat for our tea, we were both knackered and ended up with a takeaway at least twice a week, often more. when I think of just the price of takeaways it was around £15 for an Indian meal or £10 for pizza and that only accounted for two meals and there was no way I was only eating £5 worth of food for the rest of the week, lol.
    However on saying that I've been quoted £33.50 for 21 shake sachets per week, so would say that £40 sounds more than most of us would pay, like 'clairejen' said have a look around for another CDC. If there isn't another one near you, weigh up how badly you want this against the cost. Do you feel the weight loss would be worth that amount and whilst thinking about that, be honest about what you eat and indeed drink over the course of a week and how much it costs, including that bottle of wine at the weekend which is often around £5.
    Actually thinking about it I've actually saved money by doing this as by the time I've swapped in my two takeaways which together are around £25 and my wine at £5, I'm only paying £3.50 pw and that is set off against what my normal food bill would be.
    O.K. for the record, I don't eat the entire takeaway to myself, but as this week has proved, if I can't have it I don't go to get it and my hubby this week has not had a takeaway once, so that excess money has been transferred to this plan.
    I will add when I became interested last year and found out that the weekly cost was £30- £35 p/w, I thought that was a huge amount of money and it put me right off, but when I piled on more weight, I suddenly thought I'd pay anything to loose weight and with this diet, the loss is an absolute assurity, so you know you're not spending on a whim, you get results for your money. It's all about puting it in to context, if you have just a few stone to loose and cant afford to do this for the long haul, you can use a CDC to help you loose a bulk of it then go to a slimming class such as weight watchers to get rid of the rest, as when you sign up there is no set amount of time you have to stick for, you use the plan for as long as you wish.
    Hope you find a solution soon, good luck!
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