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does lipotrim change your tastes?

When I watched the dvd it claimed that sometimes lipotrim clenses the palette and has the same effect as switching from full fat to skimmed milk.
(ie. you can't go back, it tastes really fatty and gross)

I was wondering if anyone's had any experiences of this after the diet finished and they are refeeding and maintaining?

I'm really hoping to miraculously hate chocolate, for the thought of chinese food to disgust me and to find chips too greasy.. haha, we can live and hope! And if not, to at least be able to resist..
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Haha I'm not sure about the miracle of suddenly hating chocolate, that would be nice! but it is very true lt tfr does cleanse the pallet.

Something as simple as adding salt to a dish you'll find you just won't need it.

I remember my first refeed and I was all prepared to add salt untill someone (Jan) told me I won't need it and she was right. And now almost 2 years on I still don't add salt to anytihing (well except to my boiled pots on a day I have done a long run but that is only once a week).

You'll find your first meal bursting with flavour :)


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Since doin lt 1st time 6 yrs ago, I've never eaten McDonald's apple pies or donuts that've been deep fried or kfc becoz I can really taste the oil, especially if it hasn't been cleaned, it leaves an after taste I never noticed b4 & I used 2 luv mc apple pies!!!


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Yes it does. I hated the taste of skimmed milk and absolutely LOVE it now! For me, it tastes exactly as semi-skimmed. Further, I used to love chicory but had it once and found it absolutely gross as it tasted so bloody bitter! :(


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I now eat salad and veg - wouldn't go near them before :) (I still can't believe I've had peas!). Oh, and fish!
What you expect to taste bland because of what you remember, doesn't anymore

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I can beat you all....I was vegetarian for 20 years before lipotrim. When I came off the diet I absolutely craved meat, I expect I needed the protein fix! Now I love all meats and can't believe I lived without it all that time!


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Yep, you win!! :)

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ahaha ok, we'll let you take this one emmievic!! :p x

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