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Does obesity affect your job hunting success?


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OK, just pinched this from another thread, but thought it would make an interesting debate.

I'm job hunting at the moment and although I have plenty of relevant experience, with a proven track record I keep getting knocked back.
Interview feedback is non existent. All I get, is that there were 'stronger candidates' that they decided to take forward. Or the new buzz excuse 'team fit'

When I was last slim (3 years ago) I was job hunting... I applied for 3 jobs and was offered 2 of them :rolleyes: Same industry, same environment, etc, etc...

I'm a professional woman, and my last 3 roles have had European responsibility, which I feel has enhanced my CV, and I NEVER fail to get an interview based on my CV. The only thing that's changed is that I am 3 stone heavier, than the last time I was looking:(

Anyone else had similar experiences????
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I genuinely believe that being 'larger' than what is classed as 'normal' is a deterant in job seeking, and also whilst you're waiting at the bar too!
Yes i do have to agree with you there Ali, i am the same, allthough i dont have mountains of experience in proffessional feilds, i have had all the norm, teenage and young adult jobs, with my CV getting me the interview, and the size of me, failing me to get the job.
i am 100% behind what you say, the larger you are the less likly to be employed :(


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Yes, I absolutely agree!

I was made redundant last year and spent 3 months job hunting before I got the position I am in now. In telephone interviews, I got glowing feedback and was rushed in for face to face interviews as the 'ideal candidate' according to the agencies, however, the job offers didn't materialise and the feedback from agencies was minimal if at all!

I am in a customer facing field based role and believe that the image I had put off a lot of potential employers.

I plan on starting to look for a new job when I get back from holiday next month so will be interesting to see if the feedback has changed - I know the employment market is completely different now but will be interesting all the same!

Mrs Z

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Absolutely agree.

It annoys me when employers want a photo sending in with job applications. Does being bigger than someone less qualified than you make you a worse applicant? No!
i'm not sure, i've always been able to get the job i wanted but it varies with employer - i think in the private sector it is much easier to be blinkered but in the public sector i have to say that people where i used to work came in all shapes and sizes, i think a lot of it comes down to how you put yourself across too

there are lots of people out there who will only see the physical appearance but i would just tell myself that i don't want to work for them anyway

a great job is out there for you, with the recession though things are super competitive and it's not only about how you are as a candidate but how good the other people up for the job are as well

i hope you find something soon though
I dont think its a size thing in the main

Its a gloomy time for industry at the moment and has been the last 18 months, so i wouldnt put knock backs down to size...i'd say the ecomomy is having a larger effect

Employers can be very very picky these days only hiring the creme de la creme of applicants. My father hires & fires throughout the year and size never plays a part (he hires receptionists to field sales) and he personally like the slimmer gal lol

Dont take it personal..its a rough time out there for employment.


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I never had problems getting jobs but I wasn't job hunting when I was at my largest, been in my current job for 4 yrs. Although I will be job hunting when I go back to oz in December and I honestly believe that my chances will be better now I am slimmer. People are much more obviously fattist over there.

Maybe it's because I'm more confident now, who knows?? Although I don't have a very high powered and good job, neve have so maybe that's why I don't face many problems finding work, hah I hate my
job. I'll be going to uni next year, social sciences with a view
to going into social work yay! Can't wait to have an actual career.


can see the end in sight!
Woo a masters! Good luck, I dream of higher education. It's been five years since I left school and five years of ***** jobs with no direction or prospects, I hate it!

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