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Green Days Does salt affect weight loss?


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So I'm a HUGE salt addict. Yeah, I know it's bad for me to have too much, but it is really my only vice. I even put salt on curry for God sake, I apply marmite like it's chocolate spread. Chips without +++salt are just not the same! I am cutting down but my friend reckons it stops you losing weight. I've been losing weight well so far. Anyone know if this is true? Is salt synned?
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Why not switch to a low sodium variety while you are trying to cut down. There are several available in the shops. By the way the daily recommend amount for adults is only 6g - so about a level tsp - and you also need to think about the hidden salt content in processed foods, breads, sauces etc.


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Salt does cause water retention, but you can do something about that, drinking plenty of water helps with water retention as does swimming. I used to think I couldn't do without my salt, but now I hardly use it. I've been trying different spices to flavour food instead of salt and now it barely gets used, unless I'm making salt and pepper wings...yummmm.


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I am a huge salt eater... much too much, I know, but I have switched to the low sodium brand. I cook with salt and I add salt and lots of it to everything I eat before even tasting. I do tend to drink a lot so perhaps that does counter balance.
It hasn't hampered my weight loss, though perhaps I may have lost more without, I don't know. For me, any food without salt tastes like cardboard!


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This is perhaps a little bit off topic, but if anybody's got high blood pressure you shouldn't use the low-sodium salt. It's usually low-sodium because they've substituted in potassium chloride. A lot of blood pressure medications are potassium based so combined with the low-sodium salt it would be too high a level of potassium for the body.

Random fact ofr the day, lol!

Sian xxx


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S: 11st8lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st2lb(9.88%)
I have tried no salt, and plenty of spices instead... still tastes like nothing until I add salt!
People have told me to be careful because all the salt I have could give me high blood pressure! Well, I have never, ever had high blood pressure, not at my largest and not in any of my pregnancies.
I suppose our bodies are all different...

Just food for thought... my mum, when she was pregnant with me was forbidden salt totally, and since I have been really small I have always craved it...
I have been known to pour some in my hand and lick it, and also to eat stock cubes!
Therefore I have often wondered whether her lack of salt in pregnancy has given me a life long craving for the stuff!


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Yep, know where you're coming from malaika! I don't by processed food, except quorn sausages. I generally make everything from scratch so I do need to add some salt! I went without for about 2 weeks and started feeling dreadful. Had just one granule of salt and I felt instantly better. Also I have naturally low blood pressure. Think the add either in cooking or after, but not both is a good idea.

Allie, where does the 3-6 months info come from? That is depressing me! O well, if I can stop my 4 chocolate bar aday habit, I can kick salt!


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I think with salt it is better to wean yourself off it gradually, so you don't feel deprived. What about gradually cutting down your intake rather than trying to go cold turkey?

Excess salt consumption is VERY bad for you, yes it will cause fluid retention but more importantly it can cause high blood pressure, enlargement of the heart, gastric ulcers, reduction in bone density and stomach cancer. I know people may say they eat a lot of salt and don't have these, but that is like a smoker saying they don't have lung cancer- it doesn't mean that you haven't increased your risk and are not doing something very dangerous

Sorry to get all serious- it is a big killer so I think sensible reduction over time is prudent- after a while you won't notice


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It won't actually affect your weight loss from week to week if you are consistantly eating the same amount each week of salt. However should you cutback you will prob have a great loss as you will lose a lot of the extra fluid that salt causes you to retain. It causes you to hold extra water, not fat.

HoweverI agree with the above, its very bad for you. And its in blooming everything!! I am a bit obsessive about my kids diet, and am horrified by the amount of salt in bread, cheese, butter, etc! 2 slices of bread and butter contains more salt than a child should have in a day!!! Madness!!!

Thats why the sw approach to eating is great for all the family - with the exception of the supernoodles, pasta in sauce etc lol!

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