Does skin shrink ! !


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Not dieting ATM!

I have lost 4 stone and have been this weight or thereabouts for the last 4 months and am still trying to work out how much loose skin I have due to weightloss and how bad it looks. :confused:

I certainly look absolutely fine with clothes on no indication of lose skin at all.:) Without clothes not so bad either. There is loose skin on my belly but nothing hangs my tummy is quite flat but I can grab it with my hands. I guess there may still be a little fat there I can lose but not much I am concentrating on the exercise now. However, as I have had three children I think this lose skin on my belly is largely due to that and it doesn't bother me.:cool: I have been exercising hard for a couple of weeks now and did none while losing weight :rolleyes: so I'll see how much improvement I get over time from that.

My thighs do have a bit of a wobble :eek: maybe a little fat to lose there but I think probably some lose skin too. The muscles are feeling much stronger and firmer in them but I'm not certain how much better they will look with time.

I'm easy about it. :) Very happy how I am I realise perfection is not going to be attainable but I will try to get as good as I can. I am 38 BTW if you want to compare yourself with me.

One more thing the cellulite is much improved thanks to the weightloss but most of all drinking all that water.:tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop:

Good Luck I'm sure you will be very happy with your results.:) :) :) :D ;)

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Back again!

It does shrink, but it does depend on how much you've lost and how much elasticity your skin has - partly genetic, partly age etc.

I was lucky I lost just over 3 stone and don't have any loose skin, I had a very small bit on my tummy but that has now gone, been on maintenance for 9 months.


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I find it does shrink back thank God!

This is when you notice the inches dropping.

I think a vlcd is good in that you are getting all your vitamins and minerals so your body is not deprived of any nourishment and the water keeps the skin in good condition.

I have lost of six and half stone and back on and down with two and half stone of that weight, I am like an accordian and my skin is excellent.

But this does not stop me from worrying as I want to lose a few more stone.

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Not dieting ATM!
Seems like good news for us then. :D I'm looking forward to seeing the results in the next month or so.:)

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I have lost a lot of weight in the past and relatively sprang back into shape - relatively with the exception of a tum that went through 44 wks of pregnancy. it has the worst stretch marks I have ever seen, in fact I don't know where they end because they go right into my pubes! (Sorry if too much info!) It also hangs down v badly - ideal candidate for tummy tuck, but scared of dying on the table! So using slendertone belt instead.
I think you will spring back if the skin isn't too damaged by stretch marks.
Good luck!


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Is the slendertone any good??? I have the same as you after having an 9lb 3oz DD!!!

Plus being overweight for 20 years didnt help, with clothes on I look ace, but my tummy has seen better days, its who I am though, and WOuldnt swap it for being overweight again for all the tea in China!


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So theoretically speaking I should spring back as I am only 23...

But I do have loads of stretch marks, probably from been a size 14 at the age of 15, going to a size 8 at about 16/19 then putting it all on in 4 years.... boo hoo

I believe that bio oil is supposed to be good, anyone any view....

I think all in all for losing weight that is my biggest worry.


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I read somewhere that if you lose 1st it takes about 2 mths for your skin to tone up, if you think about people that you know who have lost weight and then stop, they go thinner without really losing more weight:) :) ....So im hoping this is true otherwise Ill have some saggy skin:eek: :eek:
Oh and the more water you drink the better your skin is, so we should all be ok with that:D