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Does SW really work????

Evening everyone,

This has been my first day on SW and i cannot believe how much food i have eaten,I am on an original day and have stuck to it 100% but I just cannot get my head around the fact that if i stick to this i am going to lose weight!!!perhaps its to do with the millions i have diets i have tried over the years and have felt deprived and hungry but today i havent felt hungry at all!is it really going to work????:D
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evening, YESS!! this is second time i have joined slimming world but i love it and it really does work!! it is strange how much you can eat and still lose weight, im never hungry like some other diets leave you starving and then searching cupboards for more. stick with it and i think you will be surprised!! good luck with your first weigh in!!
If you do it right then YES! Like any diet, it takes time and effort but it's relatively easy and there are some fab weight losses on here that will prove that it does work :)

Over time you'll discover what works best for you - red, green, extra easy, mix2match..etc. For now though, get your head round the basics of red and green and enjoy your food!


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It most definitely works.
I've lost 3lbs this week, and it was my first proper week on the diet (and to be perfectly honest, I was a bit naughty now and again too!) My aunties have been going for 7 weeks and have almost lost 2 stone each! :)
Hi shinymoon,

SW without doubt works. All other diets haven't worked for me....if someone tells me I have to stick to 45 points I always eat them half way through the day and as you said, go hungry!! :(

Everyones losses on here tells you how much it workd. Best of luck, stick to the plan and you'll soon feel the difference. :D


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It works for me, although my losses seem slower than some people, but that could be the lack of exercise. I eat loads and don't get hungry like I did on ww having 19 points a day. I much prefer sw!


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Reached Target. woohoo
Its such a food freindly plan, i love it. Tried a few other diets but wasn't for me. Well done Zena. You look great. xxx


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I have a theory that it works because of the way our body digests carbs and protein. If eaten together your body stores more to fat, but eaten separately it's broken down better and put to good use (you can tell I'm not a scientist! LOL). Generally though it encourages healthy eating, so EE works just as well (though not *as well* for some) because it's good food not drenched in fat.

Whatever it is, it's working and no one is hungry! Enjoy!

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