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Does your OH reward you for your big losses?



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would kill hubby if he didnt treat me (but then i am a bit vicious!) he'll be treating me at every stone and i will be treating myself seperately so every stone gives me 2 nice things :D yes i am greedy lol.

i bought a trollbeads bracelet as suggested by yorkiegirl and have my first troll bead. each stone will get me a new bead. should end up with 10 beads and will never forget the journey ive made when i wear it.

hubby is treating me to clothes vouchers at each stone and i am saving them up for the end of the diet so i have a wad of vouchers to treat myself to a whole new wardrobe.
Wow what a lovely man. You can't get much more supportive than that.

I would tell you what my hubby will do, but everyone seems very polite on here, so maybe I should keep that to myself;)

Good luck with the next stone. Have you chosen what perfume you'd like?



Serial Foodie!

will be having words with my hubby tonight. i want what u r getting at each stone!! (as long as i still get the vouchers...cos if i had to choose, he'd lose lol)
Karen, whats a trollbead bracelet?? I must be out of touch! Sound like a great idea to add a charm to a bracelet for every stone..I might pinch that idea myself..

Hubby says he's buying me a sports car when I get to target...Thing is I don't know what he's buying it with!!??
He must be planning on robbing a bank!


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u can search out other places but u can see what they r. my first bead is a little suitcase to mark the start of my journey :) next one will probably be a dragon as i was born in the year of the dragon (no sarky comments please lol)

my dad has offered to get any loose skin surgery for me when i reach goal so that is definately the most touching offer of support to get to target. a sports car would be nice and touching too tho!!!!


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bev, get him on here firstly, then secondly...once he feels thoroughly ashamed, make him back-date the treats lol

My DH is giving me 10 euro for every pound I lose and buying me a Merc CLK 220 (not new but new to me) for the summer!! I hope to be at my goal by end of May ... all going well!!!

I have loads of vouchers set aside that I asked people for for Xmas and will spend those when I get down


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aww dee! how fab!! hows that for incentive??
I'm afraid my hubby is one of those that is getting a little insecure about me losing weight. He asked me today how much more weight I wanted to lose and when i said another 2 stone and a bit his answer was "No way you must be joking" Hes very supportive but a little insecure bless him!!so I treat myself,1st stone it was a bottle of perfume and 2nd stone £100 which I spent all on myself on saturday and loved it,Why because I'm worth it!!LOL Cant fault his support its great always asks how much I've lost each week.
I think we should all treat ourselves as each stone drops off even if its just something little. My logic with the £100 I spent at the weekend was even with paying for the CD i've saved more than that in the food I usd to eat!!


finding my way again !
i was reading a story once about a lady who's hubby bought her an Audi TT when she lost 8 stone & commented on it, my hubby said yeah if you ever lost that much i'd buy you one.
that was a long time b4 i started on CD, i reminded him about it a few weeks ago & he said "ok, but it'll be a model one" wtf !
not that we could ever afford one in my wildest dreams.
that's the nearest to any incentive i've been promissed :sigh:
:D :D I love the idea of the troll bracelet and will be looking into them further, they look fab and are just me, as as you say a reminder of the journey we have made.

My husband bought me some Calvin Klein Contradiction for my 1st stone loss and hes going to buy me a present for each stone as well, its a lovely acknowledgment isnt it.

He also promised to take me to London to see Billy Elliott and to do some shopping when I reach goal, but has recently said that he may change the location to New York because I will save loads on all the clothes I will need. Again like the Sports car I dont know where he will get the money from!!!!:D :D

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