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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya guys, This is completley off topic but Im really upset about my poor doggy, but cant afford to take him to the vets for another 2 weeks..

Hes a boxer and is coming up to 8 years old on the 30th march...

Last night when he was getting up to go outside to the toilet his back right leg was very very stiff and he had real trouble walking on it and then fell over.
After he fell over he sat on the floor with this leg raised while I cuddled him...

I got him to stand up again and massaged the leg but he was still walking on it badly...

Anyone know anything that is good for dogs joints??
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Hi Hun, Sorry to hear your dog is poorly, I had a boxer a few years back and she was lovely, playful and messy but lovely. Have you tried phoning the vets to see if they will see her and bill you so that you can pay when you get the money? Some vets will do that. Hope she gets better soon x


I will be skinny again!!!
Tried that but they are closed today for st patricks day :(


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aw no :( poor doggy!!
I dont know what to suggest honey but i hope he gets better soon! x


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I'd check again tomorrow. It's such a worry though isn't it ?

Our dog kept collapsing last year and they had to do a lumber puncture and MRI scan - thank god for dog insurance !


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I've always had labradors, there prone to stiff joints, I'd def check in with vet asap, but in the mean time do minimal exercise with him, no throwing balls etc let him do the bussiness then come home, my lab is on a dose of codliver oil capsule and Gon...its a joint aid that humans use sorry cant think of name (grrr!!), which i think is really helping her,
hope he gets better soon hun x


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Glucosemene or soemthin...

Awww... your poor dog! I agree with yumyum. Codliver oil is good for dogs (and humans) with stiff joints. Although it sounds like your dog might have pulled a muscle. Which can be easily treated with medicine. I hope he gets better soon and it's nothing too serious. xxxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Thanks guys!!

Where did you get these tablets from yumyum??
from a supermarket hun, with all the vitamins etc, mix in with brekkie and she doesn't relise she'd had it lol, mind you labradors eat everything!!! x
I had similiar problems with horses and dogs, cod liver oil wise find a horse feed supplier u can buy cod liver oil in 5 litre bottles for about £6 and its perfect for dogs, Id do 1 tablespoon per meal.
Also try something called cortaflex it contains glucosamine and Chondroitin both supports joints and eases joint pain, Ive have used several times over the years, I used it on my last GSD and horse when the vets said only strong pain killers (8 a day) would work and it worked wonders.
Also what food are you feeding ? try moving onto a senior food (if isnt already on one) as these tend to contain joint support minerials and vitamins I hope this all helps


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you chick!

Where would I get the cortaflex and the arnica gel from??
My cavalier hurt her leg through the night and i thought she broke it,she couldnt walk so i rushed her to the vets (also broke but couldnt bear the thought of her in pain) and guess what.....I carried her into the vets she was crying all the way upto the door.......got inside and she wanted to go down and was running round like a pup LOL i felt sooooo stupid lol although the vet checked her and said she probaly just bruised it lol.Think she just loves the attention from everyone there lol

Hope he gets better soon


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol I know what you mean!

Charlie goes nuts at the vets with all the different smells and stuff!!
No worries, most good horse/animal feed places will do cortaflex, I posted link yesterday but got banned lol so google cortaflex and it shud come up.
I have sold it in 2 of my previous work places that were both animal feed shops, so im guessing there is a few out there that sell it.
Good luck :0)

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