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Doing it from home ??!!??


Slowly but surely!
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Hey guys

Really need to get back on the SW bandwagon, havent put anything on since falling off before xmas but havent lost any either lol!!

Am so broke at the moment and considering getting weighed at a friends once a week instead of going to group, however im unsure how ill cope without the group support. Has anyone successfully lost weight from home??
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Me! If you're truly motivated and your head is in the right place to just do it you'll be fine. Good luck x
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Me too, lost 2stone now. I do have membership to SW online, but I had considered cancelling it as the supoprt on here is so good


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I'm doing it from home. My mum and sister are going to a group though. I didn't want to go as am already out a couple of evenings a week as it is. My support is minimins and them. My 'weigh in' is on a Wednesday morning then I have to text them to tell them how much I've lost!
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My mum, sis, niece and my mums friends used to weigh in at home. We all followed different diets. We used to pay £2.50 per week and the person who lost the most in the particular week got £10 (or divided if more lost same amount). it was a good way to save for christmas and also with the extra £2.50 we went out for a meal (not good on a diet though).

It was good for me to have competition although I am not sure if we are doing it this yr as my mum and her friend started at WW last week.


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Doing it from home works, if you are motivated enough! I find this site immensely helpful and honestly couldn't have done it without some people on here! It's always good to have someone to share highs and lows with and give you answers to problems! This site is invaluable to my weight loss and to me it's much better than paying for the SW group which I have tried and didn't like, so ended up not going the one week which made me gain weight the second week etc... and everything went wrong!
Heyy im doing it from home started in the new yr! I work shifts and wen i was goin to classes i was misding a week and wouldnt stick to it. If other ppl around u r trying to lose weight get them to kedp u motivated. This forum is great a total lifeline if ur going it alone. Every1 will keep u mitivated and there are some brill recipes too good luck xxx
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I think it depends how committed and motivated you are. I joined on-line for three months. Got all the info and went from there. I weighed once a week and made sure that I filled out a food diary. I found I didn't need a group as my hubby was motivation enough telling me how great I looked!

I lost 22lb in about 16 weeks and still weigh myself once a week. I have a target weight and try to stick to a few pounds under that so if I do put on one week I can stick to plan 100% the next week and the pounds come off again. This makes sure I never get back to my original weight.
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I'm in exactly the same position! Too skint to go back to SW but want to continue the work I started before Xmas coz it worked so well!
I've made my 'weigh day' the same as when I went to SW (Thursday) and put notes in my diary to keep me motivated... if it's in the diary it HAS to be done lol!
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hi hun i did go to s/w but now do it at home i find i get more support on here then i did going to group and think if ur heads in the right place you will do it successfully at home good luck losing the lbs :)
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i do it from home to using this and my old books this is a lifeline very good tips and i carry my food diary in my bag just a little note pad plus i jot recipes in back of it when going food shopping to make sure buy right foods so not to cheat i always carry piece of fruit round with me when out and about too incase i get peckish does help lol !!!! stops me from buying a sausage roll
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Hi everyone,

Just joined the forum today however I've been reading and digesting info for a couple weeks now. I'm also doing it at home without classes. Actually my daughter and I are so that helps immensely. I have gained so much information just reading these boards and am not much of a joiner.
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I've gone it alone from Day 1! The thought of going to a slimming club/class really wasn't up my street. Bought my books off eBay and got cracking.

If you are positive, determined and have support around you, there is no reason why you can't do it on your own. It's worked perfectly for me and I know other people on similar situations who have had successes.

Personally I think it has a lot to do with your personal attitude, will to succeed and willpower!

Good luck whatever you decide to do!
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Hi all,

I have also joined today, and doing it alone, my first day today went great, only 5 syns and bedtime soon :)))

Great to hear that it works for all of you out there in the same boat, gives me a great hope and motivation. The support here looks amazing, look forward to sharing my journey with you all and being part of the community!
I've only once ever joined a class, which was helpful, but since then I have always done it alone (moreso because I cant get to a class)

I find this site to be the best support system there is, so many ideas and people in the same boat to chat to. At class, no one barely spoke to one other.

You'll do great I am sure! Good luck!!


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I am doing it from home....using a pack from 2008 and a food directory 2005.....I am not a fan of the groups.....but won't rule it out in the future.


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Hey I'm doing it from home I strted latest week and weighed myself in boots today ive lost 6 pounds want to buddy up for spport x

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