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Doing the Cambridge Diet - A Bloke's Point of View

Morning all,

My name is Mark and I'm 23. I've tried numerous diets in the past, even managing to lose around 5 stone in 6 months about 3 1/2 years ago.

Then got with my fiance and it all went downhill (and up-scale!).

I now sit at a shade under 22st. I've tried the Cambridge diet once before, lasted about 5 days before I gave in thanks to getting a bit crabby and generally craving food.

I keep telling myself it'll be different this time though, firstly I've found this forum, and secondly I've got a wedding to slim for by 21st July. We've also welcomed our second child into the world in the past week so I get a renewed sense of self-worth!

Starting the CD today (well, when I wake up - I work nights as a Taxi Driver and I'm going to bed shortly!).

Thought I'd let you all know since dieting is a bit of a taboo if you have testicles, especially to speak to people and gain strength from it.

Good luck to everyone else starting or continuing the programme!

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Hi Mark,

It's true that not many men wanna share their thoughts and feelings about being overweight. I think it's great that you decided to loose some weight. You came to the right place for help and support.

Go for it!

Thought I'd let you all know since dieting is a bit of a taboo if you have testicles, especially to speak to people and gain strength from it.
:D Sorry had to chuckle at that!!

Morning Mark, good luck with everything...not just the diet but also your new baby and upcoming wedding. Lots to look forward to this year eh?
Just keep strong and keep focused
Good luck fella,

I'm a bloke too and although this forum is mainly contributed to by girls, these girls know what they are talking about and have done seriously well - just look at 'Porgeous' and 'dancing' all their coments are really motivating.

I'm now on week 6, lost 2 stone with 2 stone to go, never been happier on a diet before, love this one.

A bloke who has done exceptionally well is IceMoose, again his comments are invaluable.

You can do it, if girls can then we'll do it easy !! :D
Morning Mark

You've come to the right place, we will support you every step of the way! As you know the first week can be tough but grit your teeth and it will get easier, keep glugging the water as it really helps. We'll have you slim for your big day in no time!!

What a great year for you Mark, congratulations on all fronts. Just think that while the baby is sucking on the milk you can be glugging the water. When you are in your taxi you can keep small refillable bottles of water and regularly drink them down between taxi-ing your clients. Loo stops are probably easier for men anyway; and soon your body will adjust to the extra intake. Water is the key to staving off the desire to eat those little extras.
I drive a lot but not like you and my worst time for snacking (on big bags of sweets) was whilst I was driving. I carry in the car fresh supplies of water in those little bottles (which I refill on my return) and some sugarfree chewing gum for more occasional use. I really find the water helps and I am consistently losing the burden of my weight. I wish you every success this time round but you are in the driving seat on this one. Stay happy AND healthy. Hugs to you and yours xx
:D well done mark on the start of your journey, the first week is hardest, then it becomes the norm, us men tend to lose it quicker than the ladies, i work shifts and that throws your body out a little, but keep drinking the water it really does help. my start wight was 17.5st and i got down to 13.5 within 3 months so if you stick to it you should be nice and trim for your wedding. And you are right us men are in the minority on this site but everyone is really helpfull:p
Good luck Mark. You have a great incentive to lose the weight. Day 5 was probably my hardest day too but I stuck with it and 4 weeks on I've lost 19lb. If I can do it anyone can. Like others have said keep drinking the water it really does help with the hunger. Look forward to watching your progress, keep us updated and well done for deciding to join CD.
Morning mark, all the best. Congrats on the new eddition to the familly. I only found out about cd in Jan but if I had of known about it I would already be on it. Its the best diet going :) keep us posted on your progress :)
And taxi drivers are legally allowed to wee up the wheels of their taxi without getting fined for urinating in public so no excuse for not glugging the water lol

ps hubby a taxi driver so i know loads of boring facts lol

Hi Mark

I think there are probably more blokes than you think lurking around this site (just outed myself), or who are doing the diet with their wives and don't show up on here in their own right.

Good luck, drink water.



Losing the baby fat
I think it would be great if more men took an interest in their weight and health personally.
I know at ww there is only one man who stays for the meetings - he gets loads of female attention (i think this is why he goes!) Men dont seem to mind showing off their wibbly bits, you know you'll see them shirt off in the summer and they dont give two hoots - so i think they do see dieting as a womans thing.
so big up for all the men on the site !!!!!!!

I did WW a few years ago (lost loads of weight) and when I started I was the only man, after a few weeks though, a bunch of blokes started appearing with their other halves, who must have told them "it's ok, there are other men there".

In actual fact we do get paranoid about appearance and weight, but most probably feel they can't go to weight loss schemes like WW, and we also comfort eat, binge etc just like you all.


Losing the baby fat
hi subaqua, my hubby went a few times but he only stayed for one meeting and squirmed in his seat all the way through it, he then just got weighed then went home straight afterwards - and part of that was cos of the lack of men there.
i think someone could make quite a bit of money by having men only slimming classes where they could discuss food as well as exercise, maybe a bit footy talk thrown in - but would they take off?


Needs a flattering photo
Hi Mark, good luck with CD. I hope this site helps and that you get loads more good advice along the way. You have everything going for you and I wish you the best of luck
hi mark, i only started the cd because of men at my husbands work had done so well, they seemed to of lost lots of weight really quick and they have all put it down to drinking lost of water. good luck x

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