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Dolly's Surgery Journey

Dolly Rocker

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So I thought I would start this now that the decision is made to have surgery when I get to goal weight.

I'm at the very early planning stages at the moment and I still have just over 2st to lose to get to goal weight.

Looking forward to this being my diary to share my experiences and maybe one day pictures with you all.
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Dolly Rocker

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Surgery Queries
Spoke to Gemma this morning after I put in a query online last week. She gave me a price of between £12 and £15k for tummy tuck, uplift with implants and liposuction. I don't want implants and I'm not sure I will need a full tummy tuck or liposuction so will only get a guaranteed price when I have a consultation with the surgeon. I'm not going to book that until I am at goal weight or within 7lbs of it so will maybe be November before that happens. She was lovely, gave me a lot on information but I did let her know that I am researching and speaking to a few different clinics before I make a decision.

Waiting on a callback.

Still to contact.

La Belle Forme
Consultation with Alok Misra - 22/10/2020

BMI Ross Hall
Consultation with Russell Bramhall - 14/10/2020
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Dolly Rocker

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BMI Ross Hall - Russell Bramhall
So had my first consultation last week. Wow what a daunting experience having to get the worst parts of your body out for a rather young and handsome surgeon.

He said he can help with the changes I am looking for an suggested an extended tummy tuck with liposuction on my hips.

He was lovely, made me feel so comfortable and asked me lots of questions about how my tummy affects me right now. He explained the full procedure and showed me pictures of others he has helped.

He isn't carrying out this type of surgery right now due to COVID due to the length of time it takes, would likely be in surgery for 6 hours so he said he can add me to his waiting list to get booked in when the current situation improves.

Quote - £9,314.90
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I know when I get to goal my upper arms are going to so baggy, probably my tummy and bust also. Not sure about surgery myself. (yet!) But looking forward to reading what you find out Dolly and decide.

Maybe when you get to goal you will look so good, you won't need it?

Dolly Rocker

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Honestly I hope that is the case, but I have just over 2st to go to get to goal and my tummy still looks as bad as it did at the start.

This is due to years of being overweight and abusing my body and this is the price I am now having to pay.

If I could get rid of this with diet and exercise I would do it but I just know for a fact that this is not going to budge without some help.

A lot of people will say that I should just live with it, but honestly, if someone can get rid of this part of my body that makes me feel disgusting then I am going to jump at that chance and the cost will be worth it for me.

Dolly Rocker

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So still waiting on the callback from Transform. Will maybe send them a wee message today.

Once I speak to them I can move on to the next one.

I've got the £120 put aside for one consultation so I think the first one I will have is with Richard Bramhall who operates out of BMI Ross Hall. I seen a woman on Instagram who shared her stories and some pictures and sent her a wee PM. Asked her loads of questions which she was really nice to answer for me. She done loads of research prior to booking and found he was the best available to do it, her pictures look great so they do and it's nice to be able to speak to someone who has been there and done it. She said I've to keep in touch throughout the process and let her know how I'm getting on and if I have any other questions she's happy to answer them if she can.

I'm still hovering around the same weight at the minute which is annoying but this is just how my body works, I might STS or even gain a bit this week due to the dreaded TOTM. I'm still going to stick to it and we will see what the weight is tomorrow on my WI day. Even if I could lose 1lb I would be happy as long as it is going down a bit and get's me a tiny bit closer to goal.

Dolly Rocker

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Will do.

Transform were closed today. Think I am going to leave speaking to anyone else until I get to within 1st of my goal weight.

I want to be able to speak to them and arrange a consult as soon as possible and I'm not there yet.

Dolly Rocker

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I know!! Need to start making more calls. Think a lot of the consultations are being done virtually at the minute. I'd prefer face to face but if it's not possible then I'll just have to go with the online one.

Dolly Rocker

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2lbs lost this week, 9lbs to go until I book a consultation.

Just hoping we do not end up back in lockdown and this delays things even more.