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  1. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Hello :)

    I joined WW this afternoon (...again!) and am starting on the Simple Start programme tomorrow. I have lost a little over 2 stone with WW over the years and have about a stone and a half to go until I reach my goal. I am determined to get there this time! I've a holiday booked with some of the girls for the second week in April so that's a bit of an incentive to get myself into gear and have a few pounds down by then :p

    Is anybody else doing Simple Start? How are you finding it? x
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  3. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Hello! :) I joined WW for the first time last week and tried a week of simple start and didn't get on with it. I found it hard to stick to so ended up going completely off the rails! I still lost 1lb though :) On propoints this week though and I'm loving it!

    Good luck!
  4. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Hi! Thanks for the reply :) Hmm yeah I can see how that would be a risk alright - I don't know if I trust myself with "free" bread :p Am going to give it a go for the week and see how I get on, I really like propoints before so I may well go back to that!

    Well done on losing this week none the less, off to a great start :)
  5. Shez__x

    Shez__x Gold Member

    hiya and good luck!!
    i stuck with propoints for similar reasons, i like to measure and point exactly what im havin!! :)
  6. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Thanks :) Day 1 going well so far but I know exactly what you mean, I think I'll miss having the 49 weeklies for the first while - meeting some friends for a pub quiz tonight so the extra points are always handy in these situations, gives a bit more leeway! Will try to stay strong though, diet coke all the way ;)
  7. KittieB

    KittieB Full Member

    Hope you have a good time! I think Simple Start is good for a week but any longer I'd go a bit mad! Haha!
  8. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Wellll... After all my talk of giving Simple Start a go, I decided to go back to ProPoints after all :p My day was going well yesterday but then we decided to go for a bite to eat before the quiz last night - I looked up the menu of the pub we were going to and there was very little I could get on Simple Start (especially since you can't have weeklies for the first week), so I figured that at least if I do ProPoints I can enjoy myself while also tracking my food. PP have worked well for me in the past so I'm happy to go with them for the moment and stay in my comfort zone. So much for trying something new..!

    Needless to say, I used a lot of weeklies last night :rolleyes: But that's what they're there for I suppose.

    Yesterday's food:

    2 slices WW brown bread (3pp)
    Tsp spread (1pp)

    200g (raw weight) baby potatoes (4pp)
    Mixed veggies cooked in olive oil (2pp)
    Mini corn on the cob (2pp)

    2 x plums
    Curly Wurly (3pp)

    Dinner: (here's where it all goes wrong...)
    Chicken fillet (4pp)
    Burger bun (5pp)
    Mayo (3pp)
    Slice cheese (4pp)
    Chips (16pp) - that's an estimate, they were too nice to be any less!!
    Beer x 3 :rolleyes: (12pp)

    3km walk/jog - I'm doing a 10k this summer and am following their training programme. I did the same race last year but walked most of it so I am setting myself the aim of jogging it this year!

    Total points eaten:
    Weeklies remaining: 13pp

    Not the best start, I admit. Back on track today though and I plan on making up for it throughout the rest of the week :)
  9. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    Here to follow, thats what your weeklies are for and you did very well to even have some left. you day sounds yummy
  10. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Thanks! That's true, I'm glad I have a few left over just in case I need a chocolate fix throughout the week :p

    Well done on your weight loss so far, you seem to be doing great :)
  11. heather_85

    heather_85 Silver Member

    It's far too restrictive! Ended up missing breakfast on the first day because I had nothing in that I could eat! Then walked round town for ages at lunch trying to find a jacket potato shop and got a micro spud with cheap beans and no butter-yuk. Propoints all the way :) or a few f&h days
  12. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Yeah exactly and it's times like that that make me binge on rubbish then! Some of my friends are great for eating very clean all the time and they look fantastic but i don't have their willpower unfortunately :p

    Had an ok day yesterday, kept within my points but food choices weren't the best! Didn't write down my food though which is a recipe for disaster so nipping that bad habit in the bud. Will update today's food this eve :) Hope everyone has a great weekend planned!
  13. L1sa73

    L1sa73 Full Member

    Following you too :)

  14. heather_85

    heather_85 Silver Member

    Don't get me wrong I do like healthy foods but sometimes it just isn't convenient if your out and about or haven't been shopping. Sometimes you just need to stick some Heinz cream of tomato in the microwave! I do like that I don't have to weigh my pasta and quorn separate to the hubby so it has good and bad points I think. First weigh in on tue eek!
  15. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Thanks :)

    Yeah I agree and I do think that SS is good for emphasising which foods are actually good for you and which should be considered a treat!

    Good day today and haven't been hungry at all so I'm happy! So far:

    30g porridge made with water (3pp)
    Tsp of sugar-free jam (1pp)

    2 x Birds Eye chicken burgers (7pp)
    Mixed veg
    Tbl sp ketchup (1pp)

    125g extra lean mince cooked in a little oil (7pp)
    Low fat Dolmio sauce (1pp)
    Chopped mushrooms/onions
    30g (dry weight) wholewheat pasta (3pp)

    2 x satsuma

    Total points so far: 23/26

    The curly wurly (3pp) I have set aside for later will bring me up to the full daily allowance!

    Thanks so much for all of your support - it's so much easier when part of a little community! Hope everyone has a good Saturday night :) I'm planning a night lazy night on the couch! x
  16. skyvicky123

    skyvicky123 Full Member

    Hi Dollyshoes, here to subscribe.

    Sounds great so far, just one thing - I can never bring myself to use propoints for oil so use dry light to cook absolutely everything. You can even get an egg in it! Have you tried it?
  17. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    Hi! Thanks for subscribing :)

    I actually did have Fry Light when I did WW last time and definitely found it so handy. I didn't even think of picking some up when I did a shop during the week so I must stick it on the list for tomorrow! It feels like such a waste using points on oil, definitely not worth it because it really adds up throughout the day. Thanks for the tip :)
  18. heather_85

    heather_85 Silver Member

    I don't really like using fry light but will do if I'm really tight for points. I bought an olive oil sprayer and one spray goes so far and is only 1 pp x
  19. heather_85

    heather_85 Silver Member

    Still non bed-thinking the longer I'm in bed the later breakfast will be and points will last longer he he can't decide to count or f&h yet?! Did f&h yesterday did well most of the day then ended up blowing loads of weeklies on treats :(
  20. dollyshoes_

    dollyshoes_ Member

    I like your logic :D Am tempted to do some form of low-ish points big breakfast myself, am currently sitting with my coffee trying to decide!

    Ah well, Saturdays are a night for treats :) The weeklies are there to be used to enjoy them! It is frustrating when you feel that you've used loads unnecessarily though. I've been home in my mom's house all week as I'm on half-term (I'm a teacher) and I've found it soo difficult to stay on track. She always has such nice food in and there are endless cups of tea! Have enjoyed the break though. Back to reality this evening so it'll be a little easy to control myself then :p
  21. heather_85

    heather_85 Silver Member

    I went for filling and healthy brunch :) had a skimmed milk latte nimble bread, beans, quorn bacon and scrambled egg! Stuffed! Going to snack on fruit and then have a Sunday dinner (point free) later. Back to counting tomorrow and a spin class tomorrow night to hopefully shift some weight for weigh in on Tuesday. I go to vegas 13 weeks today so need at least a lb a week until then - determined! X

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