Domino's pizza syn value


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Hi all!

I've seen lots of threads for Dominoes pizza, but not many for specific pizzas they offer.

Looking at their nutritional information, a medium vegetarian supreme on a thin and crispy crust with light cheese is 99.5 calories per slice which I work out to be around 5 syns (someone correct me on that if I'm wrong).

I usually order this, but get it without cheese as I find it doesn't really agree with me. I'm not sure how many syns the cheese itself contains, but I'd assume it makes up quite a bit as the vegetables don't seem like they'd add up to so much (mushrooms, tomato, red onions, sweetcorn, green and red peppers).

I'm not expecting anyone to tell me it's 1 syn a slice, but just wanted to know what others think roughly it could amount to when you take the cheese off and leave a base with just veggies and tomato sauce...
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