dont forget to watch Pete Burns on TV tonight


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I dont think I could bear to watch that. I as nearly sick just off what they showed when he went into big brother


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I am fuming. FUMING!

i can only get UTV and not ITV which generally has the same programs except this one!

And i couldnt wait to see it....

At least i got to watch Kate Tate though and it was classic



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I was thinking exactly the same, Jo!

I will NEVER have cosmetic surgery - I was sure of that before the programme and even more certain of it now! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

Just horrendous to think what can go wrong!! I mean, I know the programme was biased to make good telly but honestly!!!!! To think that these poor people had had their lives totally ruined by something that they'd hoped would improve their lot - aargh!!!!!

And all those close-up shots of the scalpel - eeeuuuuwww!!!!

I will keep my wrinkles and lumps and bumps, thank you! lol