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Don't know if I should be worried...

But I noticed this evening that one calf is noticeably bigger than the other!
I know that the human body isn't perfectly symmetrical, but I have been warned by doctors to look out for a bigger calf in case of DVT. This was when I was on the pill though, I'm currently on the implant but I'm not sure if that can be a cause too.

It doesn't hurt, doesn't feel swollen, hot or hard... Just looks like there's more fat on it! I'm a total hypochondriac so I might be worrying over nothing.

I live about 25 mins drive from my GP so it's a bit of a hassle...

Don't know what to think!

As I said, I am a bit of a hypochondriac so I will probably start getting phantom pains later... *eyeroll*
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One of my calves is bigger than the other- most people do as they tend to always lead with a certain leg so have more tone to the muscle in the dominant leg.

Thay said it's not very noticeable! If your leg isn't giving you any trouble then it's likely that it's nothing. Why not take a pic, and then compare in a couple of days?
Just got the tape measure out - First couple of measures there was an inch difference, then after that they measured about the same...

Perhaps my fat just sits in a different place on my right leg?

I am SUCH a hypochondriac! I keep thinking, this is good motivation to lose weight, I probably wouldn't be so worried if I was healthier!!!


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I think the implant only has a synthetic form of progesterone, is that right? If so, it's far less likely to cause a DVT than the combined pill as it is often oestrogen that's to blame for a DVT as some people can become sensitive to synthetic forms. As Jennyonaplate said, a lot of people have a difference in size between their calves as we naturally favour one leg for a lot of activities. Have you noticed any stinging sensations or aching in your leg? Keep an eye on them hun...take measurements of each calf now, and then again in a couple of days time.

If you are seriously concerned though then you have to make an appointment hun! Luckily they'd caught mine when it was very small, but they thought it was a pulled muscle at the time as there was very little difference between the size of my calves and no swelling, heat or redness. The only symptom I'd had was a stinging/aching in my leg over the period of a week.



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I had dvt in oct 6 weeks after i had been to egypt in my left calf n it started like a pulled muscle by the third day i couldnt even put my foot on the floor the only way i could describe it was that if i forced myself to put my foot on the floor my whole muscle would just snap like an elastic band! It was horrible! I rang out of hrs an they said if it gets hot, red and swells to go a & e and get checked out! Id gone all week with it gradually gettin to that point as i live away at uni during the week by the weekend my leg started to go pink and was warm to touch n the pain was by then upto just before the back of my knee from my achilles! My dad took me straight away to hospital and they gave me a blood test which came bck sharpish, n told me if the pain had gone to
my thigh i would have had to have been admitted they weighed me (embarrassed as hell) but new it had to be done so they could give me the right amount of injections and gave me two in my stomach and i dont mind needles but crap they hurt! Then sent back again mornin after for more and then bck day after for a scan luckily it had broken down and was bck to myself a few days later but jeez its scary stuff im glad i didnt ignore it any longer especially as i thought it was a pulled muscle! Basically get checked or ring out of hours is the best bit of advice i could give! :) x
Same size, so the same really. Sometimes I think I feel oddness or maybe pain but, I think it could just be in my head. I had pains in my calves a couple of years ago and they did a blood test and it was fine...
Just a shame I can't go sooner!


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It's good in one respect that there's been no change hun :) I know where you're coming from with thinking that you feel oddness/pain. I've convinved myself twice since my DVT that I had another one...got sent to the hospital for a doppler ultrasound both times, and nothing! I then feel like such a hypochondriac :eek: xx
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Aaaww Pinky. Sorry to read you are worried. Hope it is nothing and the docs can reassure you :)

It is true about your dominant side being bigger that the other. One of my few non-scale victories lol is being able to now put my hand around my wrist and make the thumb and middle finger touch. Took longer for me to be able to do it around the right wrist.
I'm a hypochondriac at the best of times but I hate bothering the doctor! Of course, symptoms always disappear the second you walk into the GP's office.
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my right forearm is bigger than my left.... and it's not from what you think... ;)
I use a crimp tool daily at work and am right handed so it's like using one of those power grip spring things every day..
I do the left one at night with a power grip spring to keep it even..
ColJack said:
my right forearm is bigger than my left.... and it's not from what you think... ;)
Ahaa, I wasn't thinking that at all! ;)

I do know my left leg is weaker because it hurts more and tires quicker during exercise, it's just the visible size difference bothering me. I told my boyfriend (who is usually my voice of reason) and he agreed it is noticeable.
Although he is still telling me it's nothing to worry about.
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try favoiring the weak leg for a bit when you exercise.. push off harder with it when walking or running etc..
I noticed today that when I'm at work, I always lean on my right leg, so I've been making a conscious effort to lean the other way!
Exercising this evening was a bit painful on both legs, they always feel like they're going to cramp up. Even with warming up and down.
Just an update - got my blood test results and I'm fine. I just must have weak calves with more fat on the one side! Oh well. At least I'm healthy.


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Pleased for you now you can relax and ENJOY your life.

hugs xxx


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Really glad you are ok its horrible when you are worried abouth health.:D


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Good news, I really sympathise with you as I'm terrible for assuming the worst. I would have been just like you about this and would be feeling mighty relieved right now!

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