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Don't know what else to do?

I started back at WW in September, and was doing really well and had lost 19.5lbs by the middle of December.
I then didn't have weigh ins for a few weeks due to when wi days fell over christmas.
In this time I gave up smoking so when I had my wi at the begining of January I had put on 6.5lbs. Wasn't very happy but thought this was to be expected.
The problem is I have been really good sticking to my points and tracking everything but I have put on another 3.5lbs :sigh:
I know most people put on weight when they give up smoking but I thought if I stick to my points then I would be ok. I am finding it really hard at the minute and am getting really disheartened. I am fine not smoking and don't want a cigarette but am getting really down about my weight.
Don't know what else to do? :cry:
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S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Oh sweetheart :hug99:
Are you sure you have figured out how many points your allowed a day correctly?
Are you measuring everything you are eatin even the little bits???
I dont know why you are puttin on but you should stick with it, you sould be proud of yourself for trying to tackle your weight and for giving up smoking which is a big achievment.


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It's really hard to do both at the same time but well done for quitting the cancer sticks :D You'll start to feel a bit better eventually from that alone!

Im not sure about weight wise. I find that tracking everything is helping me even if im having a bad week.
dont give up just yet. You did so well before christmas

Thanks Katie.
Points are correct and I am a bit anal with tracking them!
WW leader is stumped as well.
I know I need to just carry on and hope that it will start coming off again soon but it is really hard to try and stay motivated.

Thanks Shabba.
I have got to goal with WW before so know that it works, which is what makes it all the more frustrating!!
S: 12st5lb G: 8st13lb
Well we are all here for you! :) Do you have a diary? I find that helps alot as well. Maybe your body is just being evil as it wants the ciggies back?! Dont give in and soon it will get used to it and give you big losses i hope!
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well done on quitting the ciggies though, i tried and lasted 2 weeks, wasn't happening at all


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well done on the ciggies ;) it does happen 2 every1 dat stops smokin.. hav u maybe tried sum exercise aswell??

Mumma K

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awww sweetie, I know its hard not to feel disheartned but you did fantastically well losing 19.5lb before xmas and you should feel proud of your achievement there.
Its incredabily hard to give up smoking and lose weight at the same time as your body will be going through all kinds of changes, keep a carefull track of what your eating daily, are you drinking plenty of water and are you getting some exercise it doesn't have to be anything too strenuous a nice walk will do but most of all keep at it the weight will start to go downwards hun
I have been exercising. I have been using my wii fit and walking the dog. I also walk to work as well.
I have even searched the internet to see if there is a reason that you put on weight when you give up smoking, obviously most people put on weight coz they eat instead of smoke, which is why I thought I would be ok by sticking to my diet.
I know really that I just need to be patient and wait for my body to sort itself out.


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S: 10st4lb C: 9st10lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 0st8lb(5.56%)
ye ur doing everytin right! it must be just ur body getting used to not smokin! just keep doin what ur doin ;)

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