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Don't like my boobs now...

im exactly where you are
its really getting me depressed to look at them
im seriously considering surgery
my boyfriend says it all in my head but he doesnt understand
we go through this diet and stuff so we can be happy with how we look and feel
Yup, know exactly how you feel, mine are like half filled bean bags :( and don't get my started on my thighs/saddlebags :cry:. Think a boob job and some lipposuction is in order, now all I have to do is win the lottery. xx
Thanks for the replies ladies - I'm relieved to know it isn't just me...

Candycaz - sorry you are really down...sending you a big hug. xxx

Lard Arse - "half filled beanbags" ! That is EXACTLY it...could not have put it better myself ! Lol.

Maybe when I win the lottery this weekend I will treat us all to a boob job.

And i thought it was just me! I am really find it hard coming to terms with the shriking boobs situation i have always been a busty girl and now they are dissapearing fast why oh why can they just not be left alone take the fat from remaining tyre around my middle!!!
yeah - wouldn't it be great if we could select the bits where we wanted to lose the lard !

My current boob-hating was not helped by one of my male "friends" telling me at the weekend that I "looked much better with big boobs"...Cheers for that "MATE" !
ha ha sounds like my fiancee the other lying in bed he says 'where the hell have they gone'! dont get me wrong his been incredibly supportive but that wasnt very incouraging!
To be honest I cant WAIT till my boobs shrink.. They are only C cup but i dont think big boobs are in fashion anymore - and clothes look so much better the less you have.

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I've gone from a 34GG/H to a 32G without anyone noticing - and tops from 18 down to 16.
At my smallest a few years ago (a stone and a half lighter than I am now) I was a 32F so I suppose they were never really small.
You're right though, part of me wishes they'd shrink less and the thighs would shrink more, but then think how out of proportion you'd be... like Jordan or something out of Baywatch.
Really, who wants to look like that?!!
I'm still an F cup, but a 34 instead of a 40!
They haven't got the same lift or fullness that they had but I am turning 38 this year and have had a child since they were last that size so I don't expect miracles lol :)
I have just decided that whatever I end up with(sagging boobs, extra skin or whatever is thrown my way......) it's better than being morbidly obese anymore! :)
Hey Laststraw

I have been eating "normal" food for over a month now, although I guess my calorie intake is still relatively low (struggling to eat more than abou 1200 a day) so still seem to be losing weight - no glycogen gain here !

Like somebody said in a previous reply - guess I would rather have smaller saggier boobs than be fat.


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Like somebody said in a previous reply - guess I would rather have smaller saggier boobs than be fat.
I couldn't agree more - I've always been proud of mine and hate to see them possibly go, but I'm prepared for some weight loss there (my hubby always describes boobs as "bags of fat with nozzles on" - romantic, isn't he?! :D) A waist is worth more to me than big boobs, I have to admit (I haven't had one for years!). :eek:

And as for having a pair of 'plastics' put in - yeuggh!! :9529:I think far too much of my boobs to do that to them, I don't know how anyone could! :eek: (And I think hubby would leave me! :()
Each to his (or her) own, however....:rolleyes:
The one place I haven't liked loosing from is my boobs! I don't want to have small boobs, and although they aren't small yet I am hoping that they don't shrink too much more!!!
As said I would mush rather the fat went from my tummy or arms!!!! But yes, it is better to have smaller boobs than to be the size that I was, but why can't I have everything that I want?


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my bras are so big now that I can push the cup inwards and it stays if you know what I mean! They are like deflated balloons but I can't afford new bras right now! So uncomfortable but I kind of love it. Rather look good in clothes and be slim and look a bit dodgy naked than be obese!
Mine are like empty purses lol but what the heck. 24lbs ago they were like over-inflated balloons that walked into a room ten minutes before I did. It was like a dead heat in a zeppelin race lol lol. I had to remind men that I actually had a face they should talk to instead of my chest!!

I would love to get to my 36B that I had when I was 30 (24 years ago yikes!!) I loved them then!!
Frankly, I'd be happy to be rid of my boobs. They are just big floppy bags of useless skin that get in my way. If they deflate to completely flat, I'd be delighted.


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Blimey Chelsea, you look much younger than your age!!!

My OH has lamented the shrinking curves, but I am very happy with them... still feels like me. I got measured for a bra last week and have gone from squeezing into a 38D and overflowing horribly, to a 36DD... so how have I actually gone up a cup size?!!! Not complaining...


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hey hun I know how you feel, I booke dusrgery with 2 stone still to lose becuase I felt so bad, I have 12lbs to go now, and love everything except from my boobs....Its one of the consequences I face for being so greedy in the first place x

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