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Dont want to be the fat girl anymore!!!


Back on the diet train...
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Ok so I was meant to have started back last week but after (hanging my head in shame now) half a day I gave up. I just can't seem to find the energy if that's the right word to start. I know it works as I lost 4stone last year and i found it fine but now I keep stalling. :(

The thing is health wise I really need to do it but more than that is I feel like I'm missing out on everything. I don't go on nights out at all unless it's for a meal and I'm even getting embarrassed about that now. my friends have stopped asking me now as I've cancelled that much. :/

Most of my friends are settling down and I'm scared I'm going to get left behind. I think it's because I'm hiding from life whilst one friend just got married, one had a baby and I've just helped another move into her new home she just bought with her bf.

The thing is I can't kid myself anymore I am obese (hate that word) and I really don't want to be known as the fat girl anymore. I want to be able to throw some clothes on without checking if all my bulges are sufficiently covered. I want to go out dancing without the feeling of embarrassment that I'm sweating and wobbling all over the place. :( and I don't want to be constantly feeling judged when really I'm the one doing the judging.

I don't want to be ruled by my weight and food.

Well thank you for letting me go on, I just needed to get it off my chest so to speak and realise that I'm ready to get back on the lipotrim train and finally get to where I want to be!! :)

I will not be the fat girl anymore!!!


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Mrs jk

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Hey pet don't be ashamed- re-starting is harder than the first time round. It took me 3 failed diets since Jan and 3 failed attempts to start LT to get it right this time. I think the only thing that made me able to stick with it is the fact I got congratualed on my bump by my hubbys best friends wife who is all of 7.5 stone!!
Hey Bex

You need to remember all these feelings when you are going through the tough stages of lipo !! Like someone else said have a picture in your wallet that you don't like of yourself and look at it if you are feeling a weak spot!! The good thing about this diet is that it gets results fast so although you miss out on social events (although i go out even though im not drinking) only a few months of your life will give you years extra to live and also think how happy the rest of your life will be when you are skinny :)

You know yourself as you have been on this before the feeling you get after your first weigh in its all worth it !! I have only been on this 10 days and someone in my bootcamp class said to me have you lost weight your top is hanging off you !! when you start getting comments like this it will spur you on !!

Most importantly come to this website read everyones stories see how they are doing and if you are having a bad day write it here, you will get loads of support and it will save you turning to the fridge instead !! Last week any time my boyfriend sat beside me eating takeaways (which was alot btw) I logged on here and it got me through it I then thought to myself that could of been me sitting there eating all that crap gaining more weight !!

Chin up girl you can do it !!!