Don't want to waste my youth being fat! Newbie saying hello

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Hello ladies and gents,
Well the title says it all really. I am 24 and not obese but overweight nonetheless and sick of it. I have been `chubby` since I was about 14 (until then I was 8 stone which seems incredible) and every year since then I have told myself that I would lose weight but to no avail. I tried weightwatchers for a bit but dropped out, tried doing it on my own but couldn't stick to it.

I was always setting myself age-related targets-you know- `I will be a thin before I turn 20`, then `I will be thin before I begin university`. Well I never achieved any of these goals and now I find myself aged 24 with 6 months left of my degree and still fat. I hate that being overweight has held me back during uni-stopped me getting involved with more societies etc, made me shy, stopped me feeling good on nights out, wearing the clothes I want. I hate that I've been fat during many of the milestones in my life-my 21st, weddings, anniversaries.
Anyway as the title says enough is enough. I'm 24 now and don't want to waste any more of my youth being overweight. I'll never get back my teen/university years and that makes me feel sad and frustrated. However I'm determined that I will not be fat into my mid to late twenties. I want to look back and say `yeah I was slim when I was young` and I feel that 24 is just about the last year that I can really do that! Anyway, looking forwards to meeting you all, sorry for the rant but as I said enough is enough and I'm determined to finally get this thing under control. :)
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well done you for doing soemthing to make you happy :0) I always gave myself age targets and now im 30 this year and have just began the last journey i hope to have to take into a diet :) good luck!


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Reading you message felt like you were describing me! Im 24 this year and I too feel the same.

We can do it!! :)



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Welcome to Mini's :) it's great that you're seizing the moment and doing this now, before you have any more years to look back on!

Good luck with the journey.


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Hello and welcome! xx
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Thanks for all the welcomes :) crazylilblondie-good to know that others are feeling the same way. Life is too short to miss out! Misscheeky/Becky-thinking about going back to weightwatchers as I'm familiar with it. I've lost some weight on it before so I know it works-my only problem is willpower!


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All the best on your weight loss journey and good luck with sw, I remember making one of those lists out as well only mine is now a "bucket list"


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Hi, good luck and welcome to minimins.