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dont you just love families!


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went to see the mother and father yesterday, boy was it a mistake!!
walked in and father instantly said 'by girl, your getting fatter dont you think you should loose weight?'
was told to shut up by mother!
went to see the sister, and shes been doing SW, and has lost weight with it, and shes doing brilliantly, but SW is for me, tried it etc etc.. she went on to say 'ha ha your the fat 1 now' yup love you to, and they wonder why i dont go there very much!

i need to take food OUT of the exuation(sp) and start from the begining

I cant wait to start CD now, i have no intention of telling him what im doing though!!

sorry for rambling!
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Oh how horrid for you hun :hugs:

I am lucky that my family are all fat too!! HaHa! They actually compliment me with comments like "I don't know how you do it" etc.

Ignore them! Then surprise them with your lovely new figure when you've lost your weight through CD x x x


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 15st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Emma, its just so annoying because they know how hard it can be to loose it!

But hay hoo, as you say, they can stick it and eat their words when they see the new me xx
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hun imagine how they are gonna feel esp your sister when you have lost weight on cambridge you will be slim alot quicker than your sister and you can say same thing to her. if you haven't already i'd advise you not to tell them you are going on cd so you get no your cheating etc and avoid going around for as long as you can so they see the difference.
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Just try to ignore it. I have a sister who saw me after losing 3 stone and she said 'you've put weigh on'........ She saw me in my car at the lights, how could she possibly tell for starters, and secondly, I'd lost 3 stone!!!!..... Sometimes people just say things to make themselves feel better.

Ignore them all, they are your family and you love them, but if I were you I'd use this as motivation to get the weight off before you see them next. You can do it on CD twice, or even thrice as fast as your sister on SW.... So show them that their comments haven't driven you to binge (rude comments used to do that to me) and do this for YOU!

I was always 'the fat one' until almost two years ago when I said enough is enough. People fail to realise the impact of their 'throwaway' comments. It's hard, but focus your energy not on what was said, but on how you can ensure there is nothing further to be said about it.

My favourite saying is..... 'don't let the f***ers grind you down'!


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What lovely family you have! Like what everyone else has said just ignore them and prove them wrong by doing CD and loosing weight alot quicker than your sister :)

I am very lucky as my family are very supportive especially my sister, we all have the potential to be big in my family however due to some things in my childhood I have always been big but that's gonna change :) xx

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