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dont you just love peoples opinions!!


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People like that haven't noticed anything. They just do it to make their pathetic existence worth while...


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your both right.... well you know what, i couldnt give a monkeys about peoples opinions, i know why and when to stop with my weight loss and i'll get there in the end!!
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i agree with you all .
when losing weight you will come across alot of jealous and nasty people and these may not always come in the form of soeone other weight it could be the skinny person that doesn't want you to look like them because they no longer have someone to make them feel good about themselves. others worry they will lose you or you will change. but thats there problem thats why they always say losing weight has to be for yourself so you aren't let down by others.


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I've never fully understood the point of telling someone they've gained weight. I mean, does it achieve something? Does the person who has supposedly gained weight not noticed and they feel the need to tell them to stop them getting bigger? Its never really sat well with me.
I totally agree with you. Its unnecessary. I could never imagine saying this to someone!!


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So true! people can get really jealous and its mainly about their own insecurities. I was only having this conversation the other day ...........


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It really can get quite snarky. That said, it makes it very clear who your real friends are!


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I hate that being on a diet automatically makes your weight open for discussion for others around you! It annoys me so much grrrr :(


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I have this about once a week. A girl from my town who I see about and can't really avoid is a total *****. She will say stuff like "your losing it so unhealthy" "your lazy" and the best one in a heated discussion "if I ever got your size I would kill myself".. She is now bigger then me, and really ugly !!!! I mean it she is not pretty at all!. Anyway she is now doing slimming world and feels the need to tell me all the time! Can't stand her lol


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I know it can be hurtful to hear you've put on weight from strangers but I don't think it is bad at all from loved ones. I always tell my partner I really wish he mentioned that I was getting out of shape because I think I would have done something about it earlier instead of telling me I looked good when I had a fat a*se! I've made him promise he'll do that if I ever happened again lol I hope that never happens!!

Thats my preference anyway, I know everyone's different x

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I think I must have really well mannered friends:) I've never had anyone, friend or stranger tell me I'm fat or I've put on weight.....and personally I've never done it to anyone else!!! how rude!!!


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Yep apart from my Grandma (who is old and silly) no one ever mentions my weight.

However, I understand the thing about someone making you feel better about yourself.

I have a friend who has always been big - she is by NO MEANS bigger than me but she is annoying ans starts a diet every monday but doesn't have a clue - a diet means having less macdonalds but more homemade burgers...know what i mean.

I always felt if she actually lost weight and got thin I would be a little bit gutted.

I of course would be happy for her on the outside.

This is why I am doing something about it and can then feel better knowing I did it and she didn't.

(by the way I am actually a very nice person but this is just something I have)



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I totally agree girls.Im down 4 stone now and 33 inches all over and nobody seems to have noticed much(except my family,who are so supportive),just a handful of people.I can see them looking at me and talking but it would absolutley kill them to give me a compliment.I would be the 1st to say to someone if they lost weight as i know only too well how hard it is and the determination that it takes.

Luckily im doing this for me and nobody else as im sure everyone else on here is so, i couldnt give a rats arse wheather or not people comment on me or not.


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Lshafik... I have the same jealousy thing, but its between me and my mum, and mutual! She says stuff like ooh girls like us need things that cover our bellies... I dont want to be in her fat club anymore! XXX

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I started in March and had quite a heated discussion with someone who has never been overweight in her life telling me that losing weight was easy. (This was in front of a group of girls from Uni). It's just eating less and exercising more! I told her if it was that easy obesity wouldn't be such a problem. I had to leave the conversation as I felt like smacking her in the chops :mad:. I didn't :D I rose above it. I was then told by the others in the group that CD was dangerous and my hair would fall out and my body would eat my heart muscle :eek:. I ignored them as I had the facts and had read all medical info and saw my GP. Well 11 weeks in and I have lost 4 stone 11lbs. Now I am having (as I haven't seen them all for 7 weeks). "I couldn't do it", "when are you going to stop", "its not healthy". I feel this is jealousy and they don't like the fact I am catching them up with my size :D. I am ignoring everyone and doing this for me. I have lost over 20% of my weight and dramatically reduced the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.


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Good on you, hon! It always have to be for YOU, not other people, or it won't stick. 20% loss is awesome, and you're well and truly on your way :)

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