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i am so with you there! Only discovered this site the other day and just in time too as I've just started lipotrim.

I really need the encouragement i find here - instead of the well meaning but not very helpful comments from ppl who've never known the pain of being overweight. 'That can't be healthy' or 'Oh a wee bit wont hurt you diet.'

It will hurt! being fat hurts! lol

So its good to have this resource, with so many inspirational ppl - whether they've lost their excess or are simply trying day by day.
It's great!! But can be very addictive (she says looking sideways at her ever-mounting pile of ironing!!) :)
This place is fantastic! I only joined a couple of days ago when i started LT, and I have not been on it since. I have never dieted before (never needed to, am getting over a skiing injury) and all everyone has said to me is that the weight would drop off when I get to the gym, which isn't helpful - even I know that weight loss isnt magic!!!!

Good look with your diets and roll on summer when we will all look fab on the beach!!!:eek:


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Definitely agree with you all, really helping me through my first week. Also so helpful with all the ideas for new things to do with the shakes & soup.

I only discovered this site a few days ago and I already I am becoming hooked!
Totally agree with everyone could not have done this without the support and advice on this site, I am not on alot but even on for a quick browse lets me know that I am not alone. The biggest thing for me is that all the personal things that I think about and feel are normal and not just me thinking that I am being stupid.

also meant to day that i have just seen you on the inpiratioal slideshow,russiandoll.....all ican say is WOW,WOW and WOW again!!!!! You look fab!!
"Looked" fab ... I regained 5st last year. But have vowed to turn things around this year. I can get there again :)


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It's great!! But can be very addictive (she says looking sideways at her ever-mounting pile of ironing!!) :)

Same here hun.....I've returned from my holiday at the end of December so can you imagine the ironing pile...Never mind, it will still be there tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day). I always find time to come on here though. I need my daily dose of encouragement....and hopefully dish a bit out as well. We all need each other.

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