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Dorest Cereals Fruity Porridge - HEB

Hey everyone,

I tried the new dorset cereals apple and raisin fruity porridge for my breakfast today as took it as a HEB as its now classed as one.

Word of advice to anyone wanting to try, DONT BOTHER!! :p

If you have the appetite of a mouse then this may be a good breakfast option for you but i counted, sad i know!, and i got a grand total of 6 spoonfulls of porridge from the whole sachest once made up. There was 1 raisin in there as well :rolleyes: What a waste of a HEB!

I'll be sticking to the oasts so simple plain sachets and adding my own fruit in future :cool:
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I do like porridge for breakfast but I have to double syn it on days when I really crave it, I have 2 Oats So Simples with banana made up with water and sweetner for a breakfast and have to count 6 syns. Like you say, porridge doesn't yeild the most plentiful of portions.

I like crunchy bran, weetabix or puffed wheat if I have a cereal HEb. The other stuff just isn't enough.
I saw in the magazine that these were a b choice, I have been checking for them in Asda and sainsburys every time I've been as I was looking forward to trying them. I went last night and was annoyed that they still didn't have them.
I am so glad you have told us this, I will stop looking for them now, I bet they aren't cheap either so I would have been really annoyed if I'd bought them and was dissappointed, as I would have had to eat them up so they didn't go to waste but it would have been a waste of a B choice.
Thanks for the tip!
I got mine in tesco and they were £1.87 for 8 sachets.

I mean they might be good for someone who has a smaller appetite but 6 spoonfulls is hardly substantial!!

Vixxter - i find 1 oats so simple sachet does me as i add loads of chopped strawberries, blueberries and banana and sweetner usually - i think you get 3 times as much porridge in the oats so simple than you do in the Dorset Cereals!
According to the Syns Directory an Oats So Simple (plain) sachet is 27g dry weight, a Dorset Cereals Apple and Raisin is 28g dry weight. But of course some of that is fruit, so the amount of oats will be less.

My calculations are that if 8 x 28g sachets cost £1.87, that works out at £1.19 per 100g for the Dorset Cereals.

Oats so Simple are 59.9p per 100g.

Scotts Oats (my favourite) are 16p per 100g (checked on the Asda website).

Asda's cheapest oats (no idea of the quality) are 5.8p per 100g.

As they all take the same time to cook in the microwave, we do seem to be paying an awful lot for paper bags!
I buy my oats so simple in Costco and i buy 2 packs of 40 sachets, so 80 in total, for £3.65 inc vat.

I dont mind paying for the paper bag because it means i can quickly make my porridge in work without having to take a measuring jug in with me, plus buying from costco makes it even cheaper :)


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I must be really weird or insane because I love them! Admittedly you don't get much for 28g (30g sachet of porridge) but I have lots of chopped fresh fruit on top and find it bulks it up quite nicely! Sorry to put a spanner in the works!! LOL!X

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