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mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
yes, you'll do hun!! :O)
I'm in North Hampshire! Whereabout are you slinky?

Hi, I'm not in Dorset, but I do go to a Pharmacy in Dorset to get my supplies - does that count? :hug99:
on the dorset somerset border too :) and get my supplies in somerset

h xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I'm right on the border too, but live the Dorset side, I get supplies in Sherborne! Does anyone else? x

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
anyway, if you do weigh in Sherborne, i have spoken to the pharmasist about trying to get a local network going, ie meet ups or at least contact with others locally, she's looking into it!!
i work in sherborne but i go to yeovil :) purely because i cant get down into the town when theyre open during the day cause i have to go home and walk the dog and i go to yeovil on a wednesday on my way out to shopping, walking/cycling etc

it also 'feels' better for me personally as ive got to know the lady there who is absolutely lovely and couldnt be more help if she tried.

h xx
Hey guys,
i live in yeovil and work in Sherborne, so weigh in weekly down at abbey pharmacy.
had my first weigh in today - someones scales is lying mine say i lost 10.5 lb and theres as i have lost 4 lb!!!! so upset today.
we all seem to live close together


mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Podgey poo snap, my weigh day is tomorrow though!

Maybe we should arrange a dorset/sopmerset meet sometime as there are a few of us!
i always take their weigh ins with a pinch of salt..i always go by what mine and the gyms scales say which are the same..if id gone with theirs before i would have ended by a size 6 by the time theyd agreed with mine..as it was i was down to a size 8/10 and i thought that was enough!! there was a deficate of 7lbs which is a lot if you ask me. the chemist even agreed that they weighed wrongly so ive always gone with mine ever since

h xx
hey guys,

so glad to hear that there scales are wrong, thats put me in a better frame of mood.

how did you do on your weigh in today.

cool idea on meeting up, i have my office in sherborne which im there all the time so if you guys wanna we could meet up there for the first time etc, its only me in there so no problems there, im at the top of sherborne in newlands, so let me know if your up for it.

have a great evening


mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Hi Debs,

Yeah I'm up for it, fridays always good for me if daytime as i always go into town on a fri!

We could always go for a black coffee at olivers or somewhere!
Sounds good,

fridays good for me aswell, my email address is [email protected] if you email me ill send you my number, not putting it on here as might get every bugger ringing it, lol hence not putting down where i work, be cool i weigh in on thursday , you on fridays, so be really cool.
just weighed myself today and in total ive lost 1st 1lb yipee


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