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dose anyone weigh mid week.

I no we should not do this but i could just not help myself today, i weighed myself this morning and i had put on half pound since monday, i weighed myself b4 and now im 2lbs heavier and now im dissapointed :cry: and all i can think is how will i lose that by monday? The only thing i have done upto now is drink 2lts of water. Can water make you heavier :(
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I used to weigh myself all the time at home but you really shouldn't cause your weight can fluctuate all throughout the day...im really gonna try not to this time!!! Stop doing it and wait till your WI!! x x


I will do this!!!
Do your scales say the same as the chemists?


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i weigh everyday to if your gonna do it though do it 1st thing go to the toilet, by the time evening comes i can be anything up to 4lb heavier than i was in the morning, water does add to your weight to
yeah they did on monday. i was 121.1kg and now its 121.6. then i turned the scales to stones and i had gone up 2lb. thats 1 and half more than this morning. And i can absolutly promise i have stuck to it 100% this week.
im in such a tizz, i cant come to have my dinner. i feel like an idiot!


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it will go up as the day goes on cause of the fluid you drink if you do it when you get up in the morning i bet it will go down again x
thanks for all your posts, i will try and calm down now thanks evryone x


I will do this!!!
To be honest i weight myself nearly everytime i go into the bathroom!! its like im obsessed...but i never get the same reading and it goes up and down through out the day. If youv done this diet 100% and not cheated then you'll be fine :) dont panic


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a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter...

wi on a morning - after wee, before any drinks, then leave it till the next day. there is no point weighing more than that, as your shakes and your water will weigh.

dont make it any harder, its tough enough without giving yourself a hard time, besides, you will wear out the batteries!

the other week i stayed the same for 4 days, even went up half a pound the one day, but at the end of the week i had still lost 3lbs :D

good luck, and take it easy.
I had an anorexic friend who proudly boasted of getting away with staying skinny by drinking loads of water before being weighed to make it look as though she was gaining/maintaining....
I weigh myself first thing every morning after going to the toilet.
As others have said your weight fluctuates throughout the day so I don't bother any other time as it can vary greatly with all the water etc!
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Don't despair babe, my scales didn't move at all last week but I still lost 5lb at the chemist. Serves me right for buying cheap ones!!!!!!!

If I do weigh then it is first thing after a tiddle and if i forget then I don't weigh at all. Try not to do it too often coz it just gets me down!

i have been doing the same yesterday lost 4lbs so my scales said then today i got on and i hadn`t lost anything. know i am putting pressure on myself cos felt awful this morning about it. can`t help myself

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