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Dovers thursday night girlies


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I was thinking today, maybe all of us should make a promise to run race for life together next year( if you believe in the cause of course),i have done it the last 2 years and its an amazing sense of achievement, and this year I improved my time by 16 minutes, what do you all think?
The first year I mostly walked it,in ashford and this year I ran a bit in folkestone, I much prefered the folkestone route, its along the The Leas.
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Hi this is one of the reasons I am so focussed on losing weight my sis in law got diagnosed with breast cancer this year and lost a friend with melanoma. So I will be running it :D


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:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:3.5 miles:eek::eek::eek::eek:
now Im scared I will but am I allowed to borrow someones electric buggy thing with raincover for the last 3 and a quarter miles?
Hi there, I'd love to do it... I live in Bedfordshire but I'm from Canterbury originally and visit Kent often.. Let me know what to do for sponsorship etc.

Sarah xx
Julie you are so insane, you will be able to run at least half of it with me next year.
Sarah, there will be a run near you, for sure, race for life is heavily advertised nearer the time, and that will have all the information about it, or come and run with us, or hang onto Julies buggy.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Yes I say D4 anything that gets you round,Penny you said I could walk or crawl....no mention of me running in your original posts...you tricked me!!Oh yeah and when you say along the leas Penny its not up that great big flippin 90 degree hill is it,do I get one of those silver blankets when I cross the finish line?
Like your confidence" when I cross the finish line"
Its all on the flat, start near the grand hotel,leas,houses,leas, houses, leas to Mc d's, then leas, houses, leas, houses, leas and finish.
All excited now, what a team we will make and everyone will be a goal by then, yipee dooo dars


I lurve lurve lurve bars
But of course,positive thinking and all that!!Doesnt sound too bad,hope me boobs shrink or I will have a couple of black eyes,I will do it love you can count me in
Forgot to mention,you can get pictures of you at the finish line on the web, marathon-photos.com, its really cool, but the pictures are expensive.I have mine as a screen saver.


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Hia is this penny-piddler from the pink site. If not ignore me!

Trying to get peps up for Race for Life...good for you...thats been 2 years running i have been doing it to!

Catch u later on FB.

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