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down day.

Feeling bit low today with one thing and another.
Not really wanting to cheat or pig out just off food in general.
Got me thinking...
When you feel like your really going to cheat and go off your diet, what thought stops you and motivates you back to been good????
i think mine would have to be reambering the feeling of always hiding myself away in clothes that are far to big for me, and the feeling off nights out and going through wardrobe crying and in a temper because nothing looks good,chucking clothes on bed one after another trying to find something that looks ok.
ending up in same old black top and black skirt :cry:
Then sitting all night in restaurant or pub feeling self concious.
oh dear i am feeling sorry for myself lol.
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I'm trying to lose weight to finally get and stay pregnant with Pcos (been ttc 10 years). So the thought that keeps me on track is looking down at my perfect little baby and knowing that sticking to plan got my that little boy or girl.
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If it is a person who has annoyed me I'll tell myself that if I binge then they have won. Usually works for me.


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Big Hugs
I'm a emotinal eater and have to distract myself with others things rather than the pull of food. I try to keep in mind my goals v the food I want and generally the food doesn't seem so appealing.
This doesn't always work and its then a case of limiting any damage, try to use my syns and keep under 15 but if not flexi and writing it down helps and makes you far far more aware of what your doing.
We are going to be hit with many times and its about recognising them and learning coping stratagies i guess.
Be kind of yourself most of all
I just think about how my husband's ex wife just joined my group and how good I will feel when I lose and she doesn't!!:sign0151: Naughty, I know but it works for me!


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... the feeling off nights out and going through wardrobe crying and in a temper because nothing looks good,chucking clothes on bed one after another trying to find something that looks ok...

Ohhh yes - I so relate to that.

I'm struggling with coming to terms with my holiday gain at the moment, and need to get motivated to get back on track. Need to do it for myself.


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I always think about how far I've come, and that the happiness from that will last much longer than a bar of chocolate will! I always make sure I have plenty of Free Foods in like fruit etc so if I'm tempted to snack I can eat something better than junk. I also have some hideous pre-SW photos which reminds me straight away why I started SW in the first place and how I never want to go back to that weight again.
This is my first post so hope I'm doing it right. Crys please do not give up hope on having your much longed for baby. I was told at age 11 I wouldn't have any kids. After 7 years of trying for a baby my husband and I were blessed with an amazing son joined four years later by a perfect little girl . Please do not give up x x
some fab reasons to stay on track there.
and you naughty girl jupiter...lol give her whats for and lose loads


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I think how hard I have worked to rid myself of the weight, adding almost 16miles of brisk walking into my week, sitting in fast food restaurants whilst my pals pig out and watching my OH enjoy my favourite dish.

What was it all for if not to make myself happy, that chocolate cake won't make me happy if anything it'll make me feel stodgy and ill.

My reasons: Happiness -> Health -> Confidence -> Career (Fashion frowns on the larger figure).


slow but steady!
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yeh it can be so hard to remember the reasons not to pig out when sometimes food just tastes so good and yet so wrong at the same time!

i am bad for comfort eating too and just need to remember that the cake or family size bag of crisps or whatever it is, is only gona help you feel better for a few minutes and then just make you feel worse. whereas sticking to plan is gona get you into those nice new skinny clothes! :)


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Mine is simply that I am petrified of being that size I once was again!


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I think what I would have to start thinking is that if I go off track then its only me im letting down, and its only going to prolong my fertility treatment and also my rewards off hubby.

Also I want my clothes to be alot smaller and cheaper, and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired lol


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Good thread... bug hugs to you.

I tell myself that no matter how bad things get, no matter how bad I feel, there is no way I will ever feel as bad as I did when I was bigger... and I picture how I will look with the weight off, and imagine how it will feel.

And I turn to Minimins and look at peoples losses and pics, and tell myself I WILL DO THIS!!


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